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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rev Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley Debate Black Agenda

Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley 'go at it' in public over what the reverend and others said after their meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office at The White House.

The three part audio is provided courtesy Politik Ditto Blog.

Tavis Smiley's "The Black Agenda is the American Agenda" will take place on Saturday, March 20, 2010, 8am (CT), on the campus of Chicago State University at the Emil and Patricia A. Jones Convocation Center. Tavis' morning radio show that sparked the 'debate' is also at the link above.

Hat tip to Booker Rising.
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Michael Jordan Buys Charlotte Bobcats

By Jerry Kurl

Former Black Entertainment Television owner and Charlotte Bobcats owner Robert (Bob) Johnson, left in photo, has sold the basketball team to former Chicago Bulls basketball legend Michael Jordan, right in photo. Jordan was already a minority owner and head of basketball operations. It appears that Johnson gave Jordan the deal that the late Washington Wizards owner Abe Pollin never intended to give to the legend. The Bobcats play in the Time Warner Cable Arena.

Jordan is a native North Carolinian and led the University of North Carolina to an NCAA Championship in 1982 (of course with a last minute winning shot). After basketball playing stints with the Chicago Bulls, the Washington Wizards and the debacle with Pollin, Jordan began his current role with the Bobcats in 2006. Congratulations Michael
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Hill Harper Mistakes Sandra Bullock for Julia Roberts

By Holly Wood

Message to Hill Harper:

That is Sandra Bullock above Julia Roberts. Study it. Remember it. Believe it.

Did he do it on purpose? Was he joking around? It didn't seem like it to me. Does he have a grudge against Sandra Bullock? Hill stepped right up at the "41st NAACP Image Awards" and told Sandra that he loved her every since he first saw her in "Pretty Woman." Sorry Hill, but that was Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" with Richard Gere and not Sandra Bullock. You had to be kidding.

The two are Hollywood rivals too because they never work together. So your mistake had to be particularly painful, if not downright embarassing. Sandra's husband, Jesse James, is a pretty tough guy. You know everybody who saw you do that is gonna kid you about it forever Hill.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pothos Takes Center Stage Behind President at Summit

By Susie Centsativ

We support President Obama's proposal to provide health care for the roughly 30 million uninsured and removing obstacles for people with preexisting conditions to get insurance.

With that said, I noticed the two Pothos plants behind the president during the marathon health care summit at the Blair House across the street from the White House. I love the Pothos. Botanically it is Epipremnum and their trailing nature makes them extremely decorative.

I have two of them crawling all over my office and around my computer screens. The wonderful Pothos prefers low light and moderately most soil. This gloriously uplifting plant also likes a moderate to warm temperature of 62-80 degrees F. Some of my Pothos plant arms stretch out to 15 feet or so. It is such a soothing plant. Maybe that is why the plants were strategically placed behind the president as he jousted with Republicans over American health care. One Pothos arm can be seen creeping down right behind his left should in the photo above.

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Cap and Trade Is A Conservative Issue Worthy of Support

By Anton Jackson

I support Cap and Trade as an effective market tool to reduce harmful emissions that are causing harmful changes in our climate.

The Republicans led the fight to pass a Cap and Trade program during the Bush administration's Clear Skies Initiative. When it failed to get out of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, President Bush used EPA to implement Cap and Trade regulations. Those regulations were ultimately overturned by the courts. The Democrats could not get a Cap and Trade bill passed in Congress and now President Obama is doing the same thing that George Bush did: implementing greenhouse gas emissions Cap and Trade through EPA regulatory fiat. The courts will overturn those regulations too. At least the Obama administration has a basis for their actions from the U.S. Supreme Court. It is funny to watch Senator Inhofe scoff at Cap and Trade now when he led the fight for it in the Senate for the Clear Skies Initiative.

Glenn Beck probably does not have me on his show because he opposes Cap and Trade. Bill O'Reilly opposes Cap and Trade too. Maybe that's why he doesn't invite me too. Yet I am a conservative. A green conservative at that. And conservatives pushed Cap and Trade aggressively under Bush, my third favorite president after President Obama and President Jimmy Carter. Does Glenn Beck only harangue progressives in a futile attempt to undermine President Obama? He should give me equal time. Again, it must be that darned Cap and Trade thing. Yet Cap and Trade is a capitalist marketplace tool to address the climate change issue. Neither Beck nor O'Reilly believes that climate change is a problem. So I guess their anti Cap and Trade and anti climate change issues trump the views of a conservative black green. Gosh darn it.
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Van Jones Receives NAACP President's Award

Van Jones, right, will recieve the President's Award at the 41st NAACP Image Awards. Jones is the co-founder of three social justice organizations: the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Color of Change, and Green For All. Van is the best-selling author of "The Green Collar Economy." He helped to pass the Green Jobs Act. From March to September 2009, he worked as the special advisor for green jobs in the Obama White House. A 1993 graduate of the Yale Law School, Van is the recipient of many awards and honors. TIME Magazine named Jones one of the 100 most influential people of 2009. That same year, he was included in Ebony¹s "Power 150" list of the most influential African Americans. In 2008, Essence named him one of the 25 most inspiring African Americans. Today, Van is a senior strategist for Green For All and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. In Fall 2010, he will teach an advanced environmental course at Princeton University.
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Edge Wants To Build in Malibu. Let Him

By Korben Dallas

U2 guitarist/singer The Edge (David Evans) wants to build a compound in the Malibu hills and some conservationists are hassling him. He needs look no further than the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in Maryland as an example for him to emulate. They built 'an environmentally friendly' office right on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. And conservationists celebrated it because it was so 'environmentally friendly.' Ugly as hell, but 'environmentally friendly.' So tell those folks bothering you to give the Chesapeake Bay Foundation a call.

The project proposed by The Edge calls for a cluster of five, 10,000-square-foot homes. The two-story, earth-toned dwellings would be the maximum size allowed in areas designated as environmentally sensitive habitat. Renderings show organic design features such as a pool that encircles one home like a moat. Another house would wrap around an existing pile of boulders while The Edge's own dwelling would feature curved roof lines to simulate leaves. The Edge is also proposing to dig an access road up the mountain behind the exclusive Serra Retreat neighborhood of about 90 homes.

The Edge can donate one of those five homes to us so we can use it as a West Coast office/residence? We love the scenery of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Malibu Pier, Surfrider Beach and the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Coast Highway is our favorite in the whole country. We would also love to be able to hang out in the exclusive Serra Retreat neighbourhood.

Critics worried that the project could cause an environmental disaster should look at the news. There are always mud slides and wildfires in those hills. Ever heard of earthquakes? Build your little road and run a water line up there David. Many others have. You work hard and you deserve the view. Plus you are environmentally sensitive and we are sure you would be as 'delicate' with those hills as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation was with their waterfront area.

The Edge intends to have the homes Gold LEED Certified by adhering to the greenest building standards requiring use of recycled materials in construction and environmentally friendly amenities to reduce energy consumption. Among other features, the homes will have native landscaping, electric vehicle charging, solar panels and onsite wastewater treatment. Nice. Don't forget to give us a call David. Before you break ground.

(Developer Implode, CBS News, NYT, 2/20/10))
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Fish Oil Liquid Softgels With Omega-3 Fatty Acids

By Susie Centsativ

I love fish oil. I buy the value size bottle of 1200 mg fish oil liquid softgels. I usually get the 100 to 180 softgel bottles. Nature Made is my brand. There are plenty of brands out there. I take a tablet in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening with dinner. Fish oil softgels contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. My heart is still young and strong and I want to keep it that way.

Nature Made Fish Oil supply comes from deep ocean waters. They claim that their fish oil is not supplied from farm raised fish. They also claim that state-of-the-art molecular distillation is used to remove PCBs and dioxins, And mercury is undetectable. The softgels contain anchovy and sardine oil. Some soy is mixed into the liquid. So feel free to add a fish oil softgel to your daily multivitamin/multimineral.

AAEA was not compensated for this article.
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"I never thought people
would get so excited
about me proposing the
construction of a nuclear
power plant under the
South Lawn of the White House."

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Tiger Woods and John Mayer: "Waiting On The World"

By Jerry Kurl

So John Mayer uses the N-word and says he has a David Duke penis. Is he trying to sell CDs in the Black community or what? Eminen is gonna kick his ass next time he is in the Hood. Says Mayer:

"My d - - k is sort of like a white supremacist. I've got a Benetton heart and a fuckin' David Duke c - - k. I'm going to start dating separately from my d - - k."
Trying to endear yourself to black women John? So Jennifer Anniston was your target because "Friends" did not have any black people on the show [except Aisha Tyler at the end]. Oops. Black woman. But don't worry, Aisha Tyler already has white penis in the house. Her husband (Jeff Tietjens) is white. Oh well, didn't have to scratch this Hollywood liberal to deeply to expose his true self.

Tiger had the Cablinasian thing several years ago and infamously said: "I'm not Black." And all of his extramarital lovers were white. Oh yes, the sisters noticed. So did everybody else. At his mea culpa faux press conference, there was one black in the audience. Is Tiger into the 'one black token' thing too?

Between John Mayer and Tiger Woods, a black woman does not have a chance (with them). My guess is that black women do not want anything to do with them either.
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ben Sollee, Daniel Martin Moore & Yim Yames Draw Awareness To Mountaintop Removal Mining With Dear Companion‏

By Environment Man

A former Peace Corps volunteer, a coalminer's grandson, and the frontman of Louisville's biggest rock juggernaut have dropped the issue of mountaintop removal mining squarely at independent rock's doorstep. Dear Companion is a collaboration between three Kentucky musicians; the songs were written and performed by Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore, produced by and featuring Yim Yames of My Morning Jacket and Monsters of Folk. Recorded in the first half of 2009 in their home state, Dear Companion explores their ties to the place they love and aims to draw attention to the problem of Mountaintop Removal coal mining (MTR) and its impact on the people and heritage of central Appalachia. A portion of the proceeds from Dear Companion will benefit Appalachian Voices, an organization devoted to ending MTR and finding a better way forward.

Ben and Daniel hit the road with the Dear Companion Tour this week:

2.16 - Louisville, KY - Ear X-tacy (In-Store)
2.17 - Lexington, KY - CD Central (In-Store)
2.19 - Cincinnati, OH - Shake-It Records (In-Store)
2.19 - Cincinnati, OH - Northside Tavern
2.20 - Indianapolis, IN - Radio Radio
2.25 - Nashville, TN - Grimey's (In-Store)
2.25 - Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
2.26 - Louisville, KY - Brown Theater
2.27 - Asheville, NC - The Orange Peel
3.01 - Boone, NC - Boone Saloon
3.02 - Carrboro, NC - Carrboro Arts Center
3.04 - Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live
3.05 - New York, NY - Joe's Pub
3.06 - New York, NY - Joe's Pub
3.09 - Albany, NY - The Linda
3.11 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
3.12 - Evanston, IL - SPACE
3.13 - Chicago, IL - Schuba's
3.15 - Cedar Rapids, IA - CSPS
3.16 - St. Louis, MO - Old Rock House
3.18 - Austin, TX - SXSW
3.19 - Austin, TX - SXSW
3.26 - Santa Monica, CA - McCabe's
3.27 - San Francisco, CA - Swedish American Hall
3.29 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
3.30 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
4.02 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center
4.03 - Madison, WI - Majestic Theater

A personal note from Ben:

"We've come together to make some music celebrating our cultural ties to Appalachia and to raise awareness about mountain-top removal coal mining. It's an unfortunately efficient means of strip mining to removes to summits of mountains to dig out coal. Daniel and I feel that losing our environmental and cultural heritage is far too big a sacrifice for something as inefficient as coal. We're donating a portion of the proceeds to the organization Appalachian Voices to help with all the good work they are doing to help raise awareness around the issue and to help amplify the voices of people struggling in the coal fields. You can find out more about what they do at http://www.ilovemountains.org"

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Shani Davis: Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist

Shani Davis, left, became the first African-American to win an individual gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. He repeated the Olympic gold medal win in the 1,000 meter race last night with a time of 1 minute 8.94 seconds. Davis is from Chicago, Illinois.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The New VISA Black Card

By Jerry Kurl

For those who demand only the best of what life has to offer, the exclusive Visa Black Card is for you. The Black Card is not just another piece of plastic. Made with carbon, it is the ultimate buying tool.

The Black Card is not for everyone. In fact, it is limited to only 1% of U.S. residents to ensure the highest caliber of personal service is provided to every Cardmember. Become a Black Card member today and enjoy our 24-hour world class Concierge Service ready to assist you with all your business, travel and leisure needs.

AAEA was not compensated for the advertisement.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bizarro Washington, D.C.: Up Is Down & Down Is Up


By Environment Man

Democrats are supporting nuclear power and Republicans are opposing the same Cap & Trade they aggressively supported under President Bush's Clear Skies Iniative. Former EPA Administrator Carol Browner was on the White House lawn today touting the great benefits of nuclear power. There is a black president and a black head of the Republican National Committee. The global warming issue went from being the hottest ticket in town to being snowed under in a blizzard of 'Climategate' and legislative retreat.

Wall Street is on government welfare and Fannie Mae is under water. America is adopting a 'Chinese model' of government-directed capitalism. Corporate executives are getting bonuses for driving their companies into bankruptcy. The 'Hockey Stick' went from scoring to boring. Green jobs went from being associated with capitalism to being associated with communism thanks to Glenn Beck. California went from being the leader in American innovation to desperately needing to be saved from bankruptcy by the Federal government.

The world is now squared instead of round. Gravity repells instead of attracts. The Senate might actually pass legislation with a 51 majority vote. EPA Administrator Lisa Perez Jackson and AAEA President Norris McDonald were born on the same day (Feb 8th). Harry Reid replaced James Brown's 60's anthem of "Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud," with "Light Skinned Black, Without Negro Dialect." Who knows what the rest of 2010 holds.
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Why Does "This Week" Dog Donna Brazile?

By Alan Smithee

If ABC will not make Donna Brazile, left, the permanent host, at least they should have her on more. Like every week. Every Sunday when they show the line up and Donna isn't there, my heart sinks. Donna adds that spice to the show and she is as knowledgable as anybody in the United States on a broad list of issues. There is no better political mind anywhere. So why isn't she used more? She is also a good balance to George Will.

ABC should be careful because a network with vision [CNN, MSNBC, FOX News] might just scoop Donna up. I wish someone would give her a chance to show her chops. Donna holds back anyway now. Probably from past rebukes for speaking her mind. But let her loose. If Rachel Maddow can pontificate with so so ratings, put Donna in her own show too. Anderson Cooper isn't killing the ratings either. In fact, FOX News gets higher ratings than all of those other cable news shows combined. Maybe I will put in a call to Rupert.
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Will Orianthi Play On Environment Man's Atomic Cat?

By Jerry Kurl

Orianthi Panagaris, left, is the hottest new rock star on the scene. She was ready to raise the roof at the O2 with Michael Jackson in London and now she has her own album out. She is ready to tour and recently appeared on "The View." This Australian cutie can hold her own with any of the rock legends and speculation is running rampant about whether she is going to agree to play on Environment Man's planned single, "Atomic Cat." Our people are talking to her people. Eman, right, is very excited.

At 24 years old, Orianthi has already experienced what most aspiring musicians only dream of. She's opened for her hero (Steve Vai), backed an Idol (Carrie Underwood), traded solos with a legend (Carlos Santana) and shared the stage with the King of Pop (Michael Jackson). What's left to conquer? Collaborating with Environment Man?

Eman, left, has told us that he has another cut that would fit Orianthi too; his climate change song "Cap & Trade." Eman is hoping to get Orianthi in the studio when she is in L.A., D.C. or New York. We can't wait to hear this collaboration. Orianthi, right, has the chops and Eman has the swagger. Stay tuned folks. Orianthi is the next big thing and Eman already has a rabid cult following. I'm willing to bet the two will make incredible music together.

Songs from Orianthi's new album "Believe."

According to You - Believe - 2009 - 3:20

Believe - Believe - 2009 - 3:40

Suffocated - Believe - 2009 - 3:04

Bad News - Believe - 2009 - 3:10

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Grio Compared to the Root

By Alan Smithee

The Grio is video-based and The Root is internet print media-based. Both are outreach arms of mainstream media outlets. The Grio from NBC and the Root from The Washington Post/Newsweek. The Grio has a minority ownership stake and a very big team. No minority ownership stake was listed on the Root's website. We like both outlets. The more on our community, the better because our news, culture and events get overlooked so often. Surely these outlets will complement the black-run and owned media services.

The Grio, which is West African for "Story Teller," is the first “video-centric” news site, by and for the African American community that will aggregate related video and news stories from NBC News, NBC major market owned-and-operated TV stations, affiliates and MSNBC, both cable and internet. The Grio will also draw upon almost a century of filmed reports from the NBC News Video Archives, a unique compilation of news clips that chronicle the black experience over the decades. NBC News, and parent GE, felt that this community was being underserved by the existing news and information channels. The Grio's black partners own 51% and NBC owns 49%. David A. Wilson, left, is the Managing Editor of The Grio. (Source: NBC sales letter)

The Root is a daily online magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary on today's news from a variety of black perspectives. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., left, is The Root's Editor-In-Chief. Donna Byrd, right, is Publisher of TheRoot.com. The Root aims to be an unprecedented departure from traditional American journalism, raising the profile of black voices in mainstream media and engaging anyone interested in black culture around the world. The Root is published by Washingtonpost and Newsweek Interactive.

(the Root, The Grio)
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

“In Performance at the White House: Environment Man"

By Alan Smithee

Okay. I'm kidding with the title, but you never know. Hopefully, The White House will let our very own Environment Man & the Ecology Band perform one night. Eman is just itching to perform his green hit, "Global Warming, Climate Change," for the President and First Lady.

Performers made it to Washington on Tuesday night during the ongoing Blizzard of 2010 to perform at the “In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement” in the East Room of The White House. The show was the fifth in a series of programs at The White House and performances featured Bob Dylan, Yolanda Adams, Joan Baez, Natalie Cole, Jennifer Hudson, John Mellencamp, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Smokey Robinson, Joan Baez, the Blind Boys of Alabama and the Howard University Choir.

First Lady Michelle Obama was the host and President Barack Obama delivered some opening remarks. He talked about how the civil rights movement was “a movement with a soundtrack.”

Actor Morgan Freeman served as MC, introducing Adams who performed a gospel-infused version of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come.” Smokey Robinson “Abraham, Martin & John.” Dylan sang an arrangement of his song “The Times They Are A-Changin’” that featured piano, stand up bass, and acoustic guitar. The event ended with President Obama taking the stage and encouraging the crowd and the assembled singers to perform “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” also sometimes called the “African-American National Anthem.” (WSJ, 2/10/10)
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Green Music Group

Green Music Group is a project of the non-profit organization Reverb. GMG is a large-scale, high-profile environmental coalition of musicians, industry leaders and music fans using our collective power to bring about widespread environmental change within the music industry and around the globe. Green Music Group facilitates large-scale greening of the music community, and magnifies the work of national nonprofits, all while building a vibrant community committed to environmental action.

The broad support of our founding members paired with their leadership as environmental stewards enables GMG to inspire millions to action by:

1. Creating an engaging online community of musicians, music industry leaders, and music fans all committed to addressing our greatest environmental concerns.
2. Facilitating large-scale greening of the music community through touring, venue, and label standards, resource development, green grants mentoring, and viral video and public service campaigns.
3. Providing environmental nonprofits with a megaphone for their cause, allowing them to expand their reach and support base.
4. Creating a sustainable green music guild to support and inform the efforts of the music community and position leaders in the music industry as voices for change, working to shine a light on the most pressing environmental issues of our time.
Green Music Group is the first organization to harness the collective power of the entire music community to affect millions of individual actions, bringing about measurable global environmental change. Green Music Group is not simply green in name – they are committed to a sustainable future both on and off-stage.

Green Music Group is a project of Reverb, a 501(c)(3) environmental organization founded by Guster guitarist/vocalist Adam Gardner and his wife, environmentalist Lauren Sullivan. Since 2004, Reverb has greened over 80 major music tours while conducting grassroots outreach to over 10 million music fans.
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Monday, February 08, 2010

Private Jets and Carbon Dioxide Offsets

By Alan Smithee

I ONLY fly private. And I purchase CO2 offsets from our in-house service Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX). I mostly fly from L.A. to New York or L.A. To D.C. Sometimes some short flights back and forth between New York and D.C. if some telecommunications and investor issues are involved. But trying to own and operate your own jet or helicopter can be like flushing money. So I turn to private jet services. Here are four of my favorites.

NetJets, the fractional jet-ownership company: In 1986, NetJets pioneered the concept of fractional jet ownership, giving individuals and businesses all the benefits of whole aircraft ownership and more at a fraction of the cost. Today, NetJets is the worldwide leader with the most Owners, the most experience, and the largest fleet.

BlueStar Jets, the charter company: Claims the worlds most comprehensive and efficient private jet brokerage company. With access to operators of the largest networks of luxury flights, we arrange access to the ideal jet for any given flight to any destination in the world on a moment's notice. With the Blue Star Jets SkyCard™, you are granted access to operators with over 4,000 world-class executive aircraft combined, providing you with the ultimate freedom of choice. Luxury private jets in all sizes are available at only 4 hour's notice, along with helicopters, turboprops and jumbo jets.

Sentient Jet, the membership and charter company, Continuing a 10-year tradition of leadership and innovation, Sentient's 25-hour Hawker 400XP Jet Card is a simple approach to your jet-specific needs, offering competitive rates and late-model private jets. Sentient Jet Membership Plus is the practical alternative to fractional jet ownership, offering rich benefits and guaranteed service without the risk of depreciating assets.

Flexjet, a fractional-ownership and jet broker: Flexjet One whole aircraft ownership & management, jet chater and Flexjet 25 Jet Cards. The youngest fleet in the fractional jet industry comprised exclusively of Learjet and Challenger aircraft built by their parent company, Bombardier. Pilots and crews that lead their field in experience, training and service. Aircraft will be ready with as little as six hours notice. Innovative Round Trip Pricing for frequent, short round-trip flights. Environmentally responsible Carbon Offset program.

Note: AAEA Hollywood is not recommending these services and takes no responsibility for any decisions to use these services.

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Lingerie Football League

By Holly Wood

I love this new league. Let me say right now that the Lingerie Football League (LFL) is going to be very big. Maybe even as big as the Male, er, National Football League, one day. And, the LFL is more environmentally friendly. It has a much lower carbon footprint.

The concept originated from the Super Bowl halftime alternative television special called the Lingerie Bowl, which is now broadcast annually directly opposite the Super Bowl halftime show. Tten LFL teams compete in a 20-week season with games at major arenas and stadiums.

Play style is full-contact and similar to other indoor football leagues. Uniforms consist of helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, garters, bras, and panties. There are no field goals and no punts. There is a kickoff to start the game and second half. A team must attempt to get a first down on every fourth down. After a touchdown, a team can attempt a one-point conversion from the two yard line, or a two-point conversion from the five-yard line.

There are seven women on each side of the 50-yard field. Teams consist of 18 players, only 12 of whom are active on game day. This means that there are usually 3 or 4 players who play both offense and defense. The field is 50-yard between end zones, 30 yards wide, and the end zones are 8 yards deep, roughly the same as other indoor leagues. A game consists of two 17-minute halves, separated by a 15-minute halftime. (Wikipedia)
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Environmental Super Bowl 2010 Ads: The Green Police

By Holly Wood & Environment Man

Audi 2010 Green Car Super Bowl Commercial

This Audi commercial featuring the Green Police was hilarious. The commercial was featuring the Audi A3 TDI® clean diesel, Green Car Journals 2010 Green Car of the Year. The funny thing is that some extremist environmentalists would love to have their own green police force to do the very things being 'sent up' in the commercial. Don't cha just hate being around those holier-than-thou green freaks? Although personal green behavior is a very good thing, we just don't like the 'back-to-the-caves' crowd.

Bud Light House of Beer Commercial 2010 Super Bowl Ad

It was such a cool commercial. A house made of Bud Lite cans. The rub is that the cans are full of beer. Even the appliances are made of beer cans. One guy states: "there's Bud Lite in the fridge made of Bud Lite." But [there's always the 'but'], when a guest states: "Who knew you were so environmentally responsible," the brother who owns the house answers: "Enviro What?" Did they have to do that? I mean come on. We have worked hard for decades to dispel this very notion that Black people are not aware about environmental issues. Note our name: African American Environmentalist Association. This is partially why we exist, to not only dispel the notion of our supposed lack of awareness about environmental issues, but to also show that we are on the cutting edge of promoting environmental awareness. At least they put the brother in a green hat. Hey Budweiser, next year, come see us and amend this green faux paus.

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Seth Oster: The Green Fusion of Hollywood & Washington, D.C.

By Environment Man & Holly Wood

We were wondering how EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson appeared on Bill Maher's "Real Time" show so fast. Not that she isn't quite the impressive figure, but it just seemed to happen so fast out of the blue. Then we put 2 and 2 together and realized that she appeared on Maher right after Seth Oster, left, went to work for the United States Environmental Protection Agency as Director of the Office of Public Affairs (OPA). Seth has broad experience both inside and outside of government. In Washington-speak: he will play a vital role in leading EPA's efforts to reach out to new communities and constituencies, promoting environmental education initiatives and generating public support for EPA’s mission.

Think Seth 'Hollywood' Oster. Lisa Jackson is already a star. Seth will help turn her into a superstar. Possibly a megastar. He was Executive Vice President for Communications at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). He was a lobbyist for mega PR firm Hill and Knowlton. Chief Communications Officer for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Senior Executive for the American Film Institute. Vice President, Corporate Communications for Napster Inc. Wow. You get the idea. Yo Hollywood, we have a spot for you over here at AAEA after you leave EPA.
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Obama Appoints Glenn Beck White House Press Secretary

"I met with Rupert Murdoch and we agreed. Robert Gibbs is going to take Glenn Beck's spot on FOX at 5 p.m. and Glenn Beck has agreed to be my new press secretary."

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"Toxic Waste"

By Holly Wood

Environment Man performs this ode to hazardous waste and its corrosive effects over time. Accompanied by Ecology Band member Super E, M.D., this spacey, rocky, bluesy, eclectic treatment intends to capture the tragedy involved in despoiling Mother Nature across Father Time.

The video opens with an expression of breathing difficulties and alcohol abuse. I interpret this opening as metaphors for air pollution and personal behavior.


We're wasting Mother Nature
With Our Toxic Waste
We're racing Father Time
And throwing mud in his face.

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

2009 Oscar Nominations: 82nd Academy Awards 2010

Best Motion Picture of the Year:

Avatar (2009): James Cameron, Jon Landau

The Blind Side (2009): Nominees to be determined

District 9 (2009): Peter Jackson, Carolynne Cunningham

An Education (2009): Finola Dwyer, Amanda Posey

The Hurt Locker (2008): Nominees to be determined

Inglourious Basterds (2009): Lawrence Bender

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009): Lee Daniels, Sarah Siegel-Magness, Gary Magness

A Serious Man (2009): Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Up (2009): Jonas Rivera

Up in the Air (2009/I): Daniel Dubiecki, Ivan Reitman, Jason Reitman

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role:

Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart (2009)

George Clooney for Up in the Air (2009/I)

Colin Firth for A Single Man (2009)

Morgan Freeman for Invictus (2009)

Jeremy Renner for The Hurt Locker (2008)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role:

Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side (2009)

Helen Mirren for The Last Station (2009)

Carey Mulligan for An Education (2009)

Gabourey Sidibe for Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009)

Meryl Streep for Julie & Julia (2009)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role:

Matt Damon for Invictus (2009)

Woody Harrelson for The Messenger (2009/I)

Christopher Plummer for The Last Station (2009)

Stanley Tucci for The Lovely Bones (2009)

Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role:

Penélope Cruz for Nine (2009)

Vera Farmiga for Up in the Air (2009/I)

Maggie Gyllenhaal for Crazy Heart (2009)

Anna Kendrick for Up in the Air (2009/I)

Mo'Nique for Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009)

Best Achievement in Directing:

Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker (2008)

James Cameron for Avatar (2009)

Lee Daniels for Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009)

Jason Reitman for Up in the Air (2009/I)

Quentin Tarantino for Inglourious Basterds (2009)
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (Oscars)
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Nat'l Black Chamber On Lack of Minority Media Ownership

Harry Alford
The National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) Decries Government Effort

NBCC President Harry Alford, left, monitors media mattters as the affect minority business. The first phase of the $7.4 billion broadband grant program was released last week and no minority businesses or associations were awarded any of these grants. Comm Daily reports that the new federal budget proposes elimination of the last of the minority ownership initiatives – the Telecom Development Fund (TDF). This disturbing news comes at a time when:

~ Minority wireless ownership is just above zero.

~ Minority commercial TV station ownership has fallen 50% since the duopoly rule was relaxed in 1999.

~ Minority commercial radio station ownership has fallen 9% just between 2007 and 2009.

~ The FCC still has not appointed a compliance officer to enforce the 2007 Advertising Nondiscrimination Rule.

~ EEO enforcement levels in 2009 were actually below the levels of 2001-2008.

~ None of the FCC Diversity Committee recommendations on minority ownership has been implemented this past year.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Pink Wins Live Grammy Performance

By Holly Wood

Pink's "Glitter In The Air" performance stole the show at The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards of 2010.

I give Lady Gaga second place with her song "Fame Monster" set and some "Poker Face," then taken up some stairs and dropped into pit. She reappeared with Elton John playing face-to-face pianos and singing "Speechless." It was quite a set and it opened the show.

I give Beyonce third place due to the sheer power of her vocals starting with "If I Were a Boy" and transitions into Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" and ends with a return to "If I Were a Boy."

Lady Gaga also gets first place for most outrageous Red Carpet outfit.

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