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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Environmental Poetry

Brenda Bunting
By Brenda Bunting

Ocean seas weep oily tears,
Trees are stripped and raped each year,
Frogs hop to extinction land,
Where honey bees become their friends.

Is there clean air anywhere?
Like politicians really care,
Breaking into tiny grains,
Asphyxiating plastic remains.

Fecal matter reeking foul,
Multiplying billion bowels,
Men and animals eliminate waste,
At a rapid and unprecedented rate.

Contaminated corrupted the purity of seed,
Divinely given for all earth’s needs.
At the genetic level fools play god,
While living in the land of nod.

Evil experiments constantly revealed,
Human subjects on a gerbil wheel.
The sentence slowly comes to light,
As the doomed continue to fight.

The corrosive carriers are everywhere,
Transport across land, sea and air,
Pesticides, chemicals and black oil,
Seep into rivers, streams and soil.

Earth belches back and rebels strong,
With wind and water breaking on,
Men and beast and all alive
Will we continue live and thrive?

Brenda D. Bunting is a socially conscious Poet and Educator, Spoken Word Artist and Workshop Facilitator. Ms. Bunting is in the Poets in Progress (PIP) program through the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and headed by the Poet Laureate of Washington DC. A University of Kentucky alumnus with her B.A. in English Ms. Bunting has been writing and performing poetry for over 30 years.

Brenda has been published in newspapers, anthologies and journals. She was invited to read her original works at the 2017 Bridge water International Poetry Festival at Bridge water College. She knows the benefits and advocates for the therapeutic use of writing poetry for mental and emotional wellness and healing from traumatic events. Her book of poetry, "Poems of Love and Violence in between Life and Death 2nd Edition" is available for purchase on Amazon.com. She is a life member of the Kentucky State Poetry Society (K.S.P.S.) an avid hiker and lover of the preserving our environment.
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