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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don Cheadle's Nose

By Holly Wood.

Don Cheadle has a great Negroid nose. I'm talking Brock Peters action here. Classic. Chiseled. His nose stretches across the full length of his mouth. Thank goodness he is self confident about his looks and has not sought to chop it. Some Blacks prefer the narrow nose white look but not Don. Spread that baby out. Great nose Don. Please don't ever tamper with that snoz.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nazi: How To Get Away With Saying Nigger In Public

By Alan Smithee. It is slick but we know when you are denying us our reparation and getting away with it. Report on any movie or political act by the current governor of California and instead of saying Swartzenegger say:

National reporters and anchors really love to do it. Imagine the rush they get from being able to freely get away with saying nigger to a national audience. What a rush. Freedom to say that word freely in public. Just know that when you say it we see you with a thin little mustache and an outstretched arm. Nazi F--ks.
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Wayans Brothers Plan Movie Studio

Update: It appears that The Wayans have decided to pull out of the project. (More)

The Wayans Brothers have been in negotiations with members of the Oakland City Council to develop a $300 million, 70-acre lot formerly used as a U.S. Army base. Their plans include development of a studio, theme park, retail and business center and luxury hotel. The Wayans are being represented by Pacifica Capital Urban Development Partnership. Britten Shuford, co-managing partner of the partnership.

The Wayans-Pacifica Capital group is trying to renegotiate the terms of an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement signed with the City of Oakland for the proposed purchase of 47 acres of old army base property because another plan by the Port of Oakland proposes to fill in 42 acres of the bay directly across from The Wayans project. This project (Berth 21) would stack storage containers on that land six to 15 stories tall and entirely blocking the view of the San Francisco skyline. The Wayans are meeting with city officials to try to draw up an alternative agreement with a new configuration of where their development would be located.

Both the bayfill and Berth 21 are mentioned in State Senator Don Perata’s Oakland Army Base Public Trust Exchange Act of 2005, which authorized the taking over of the old Army Base lands by the Port of Oakland and the City of Oakland. The Wayans Family is known for it’s 1990’s variety show “In Living Color,” as well as films “White Chicks” and “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka.”
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tyler Perry Number One With "Why Did I Get Married?"

Tyler Perry is being touted as the next coming of Spike Lee. But Perry is probably a bit more ambitious than Lee. He wants to own a network by 2012. And at the rate he is going no one would be surprised. And he has Oprah Winfrey squarely on his side. He also provided a comeback vehicle for Janet Jackson, whose last two albums did not perform very well. But Janet is a multiple threat and notice how she bounced right back in another genre. Talent.

"Why Did I Get Married" opened at number one with $21.5 million and notices are highlighting that he did more money than the openings of George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg combined. This is Perry's third hit movie and Hollywood will respect him because he makes money. "Madea's Family Reunion" opened with $30 million and did $63 million. "Diary Of A Mad Black Woman" was made for $5 million and did $50 million. Hey Tyler, how's about giving a shout out to the African American Environmentalist Association in one of your films?
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Hollywood Has 10 Christians? And They Are Stars?

Actor/Director Mel Gibson has topped a list of the Most Powerful Christians in Hollywood in a poll compiled by website BeliefNet.com. Coming in at second place was actor Denzel Washington and third place on the list went to 'Everybody Loves Raymond' star Patricia Heaton. Tyler Perry and Hollywood film producer Ralph Winter rounded off the top five coming in at fourth and fifth place respectively. Angela Bassett came in sixth. Martin Sheen is on the list? Huh? The list for the top ten Hollywood's Most Powerful Christians as per BeliefNet.com is:

1. Mel Gibson
2. Denzel Washington
3. Patricia Heaton
4. Tyler Perry
5. Ralph Winter
6. Angela Bassett
7. Martin Sheen
8. Martha Williamson
9. Kristen Chenoweth
10. Philip Anschutz

How does Tyler Perry reconcile dressing like a woman in his films and on stage with his Christianity? Deuterronomy 22:5 ... neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abonimation unto the Lord thy God.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Rissi Palmer: Black Country Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist

AAEA loves country music. AAEA has always loved country. AAEA will always like country music. AAEA was country before it was cool (still not in the Black community). Now a new star is rising in the country sky: Rissi Palmer, a black country singer, songwriter, instrumentalist. We like country music and we like her music (Her MySpace site). We just hope she will agree to do a duet with our very own Environment Man. Now that dude IS country.

Thanks to LaShawn Barber and her Corner for reminding us to write an article about Rissi. We read The Wall Street Journal article too. LaShawn loves Rissi and country music. We are not surprised because Barber is one of those nonKool-Aid drinking Blacks who has a distinct tendency to consistently wander off of the plantation.
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

AAEA President Denies Relationship With Condi

By Holly Wood. A recent photo of AAEA President Norris McDonald with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, left, at an official Washington event has led to speculation that there is more than official business going on between the two. McDonald is denying any sort of relationship with Secretary Rice and states that such speculation is simply silly gossip. He added that he has nothing but respect for Dr. Rice.

When I contacted McDonald and mentioned the gossip to him, he acknowledged that "Ms. Rice is a very intelligent and beautiful woman and that any man would be lucky to have her as a wife or friend." He stated that he would love to work with Dr. Rice on climate change issues because AAEA is in the forefront of promoting technological solutions to this serious problem. AAEA also supports the Bush Administration's technology solution programs.
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"An Inconvenient Truth": Facts & Figures

  1. Domestic box office gross: $24,146,161.

  2. Foreign box office gross: $24,957,008.

  3. Domestic box office rank among all documentaries (since 1982): Fourth.

  4. Theatrical release date in United States: May 24, 2006.

  5. Widest release: 587 theaters.

  6. Academy Awards: Two (Best Documentary and Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song).

  7. Grammy Nominee: Best song written for motion picture, television or other visual media: "I Need to Wake Up," Melissa Etheridge.

  8. 50,000 copies were given to U.S. teachers via the Web site Participate.net between Dec. 18, 2006, and Jan. 18, 2007.

  9. The DVD was ranked second (Oct 12, 2007) on Amazon.com's Movers & Shakers list (citing the biggest gainers in sales over the previous 24 hours).
Sources : Boxofficemojo.com and Imdb.com
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Judge Identifies 9 Errors In Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

Above: London, England Judge Michael Burton identified 9 significant errors in the film.

Teachers in Britain who show their students Al Gore's Oscar-winning climate change documentary must point out inaccuracies in the movie or break Britain's 1996 Education Act that bans the promotion of partisan politics at school. Stewart Dimmock, a truck driver and father of two brought the legal effort to have "An Inconvenient Truth" banned from schools in England because he felt the government of "brainwashing" students by promoting the documentary. Although his lawsuit failed, the High Court in London ruled that in order not to breach the Education Act, screenings would have to be accompanied by appropriate guidance that points out the flaws in Gore's argument.

Copies of the documentary will be shown to secondary school students aged 11-14. The Department for Children, Schools and Families' guidance is a 60-page document that goes through the film segment by segment, pointing out where Gore's assertions "do not accord with mainstream scientific opinion.” Teachers are told the documentary "promotes partisan political views," and to be careful that they do not promote those views. Teachers must also "help pupils examine the scientific evidence critically and point out where Gore's view may be inaccurate or departs from that of mainstream scientific opinion."

The guidance document, like the High Court ruling, does not call into question the underlying assertion of "An Inconvenient Truth" that most scientists believe climate change is happening; that it is caused mainly by manmade emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2); and that it will have serious consequences. Burton described "An Inconvenient Truth" as powerful and highly professional, but was now commonly understood that it is a political film, "not simply a science film." (Sources: New York Post, CNSNews.com, The Wash Post, USA Today, The New York Sun, ABC News, EcoEarth News)
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Black Issues In Space (Isn't Space Black?)

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