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Monday, March 29, 2010

"Unsung" TV One's Music Biography Series

By Holly Wood

TV One's music biography series, "Unsung," is a series of hour-long programs spotlighting artists whose careers ended abruptly or whose musical contributions have been shortchanged by history. "Unsung" is in its third season and airs Mondays at 9 p.m. (wow, that's against "Two and A Half Men." "Unsung" focuses on black acts from the 1970s and 1980s that rarely caught the attention of mainstream media.

"Unsung" has featured DeBarge, Bar Kays, Bootsy (William Collins), Donny Hathaway, Shalamar, Rose Royce, Zapp, Florence Ballard, Minnie Ripperton, Phyllis Hyman, Sylvester, Stacy Lattisaw, and Teena Marie, among others. "Unsung" is independently produced by A. Smith & Company Productions (Mark Rowland, co-executive producer).

I can't wait for "Unsung" to get around to Environment Man & the Ecology Band, the underground green cult group that dominated the green indie rock funk music scene in the 80s and continues performing to this day. (Wash Post, 3/29/10)
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sarah Palin Should Cap-And-Trade Carbon Dioxide

By Korben Dallas

Pick up the green phone and give me a call Sarah. I can't let you get away with changing your position on Cap-and-Trade as a legitimate methodology for fighting climate change. You formed a special committee to address global warming when you were governor of Alaska. You agreed with John (Senate Climate Guru) McCain when you were his running mate that Cap-and-Trade was the way to go. Now you are backpedaling. Why? We need to disucss this issue. Give me a call.

My head spins around at how fast you politicians change your positions. President Obama opposed Cap-and-Trade when he was in the U.S. Senate, but now he is a champion of the technique. When Senator Inhofe was Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, he championed Cap-and-Trade as 'the' solution to atmospheric pollution in the United States. Same with Joe Barton when he was chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. What happened guys? Now you have Sarah Palin drinking from the anti-Cap-and-Trade Kool-Aid pitcher. Come back Sarah. Kool-Aid in a tea bag is still Kool-Aid.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Christiane Amanpour Tapped For "This Week" Host

By Alan Smithee

I like Christiane Amanpour as a foreign affairs correspondent. But I was shocked when ABC News announced that she would be replacing George Stephanopoulos as the host of "This Week." I am still trying to get my head around how the ABC brass came up with that one.

"This Week" is an inside the Beltway chat fest that in no way plays to Amanpour's strengths. It would be like appointing Donna Brazile, left, to cover politics in former Soviet Union provinces. I mean she could do it, but how good would she be at it. That clearly is not her calling. Speaking of Brazile, she would have made a much better host than Amanpour, right. She IS inside the Beltway. Heck she IS the Beltway. She knows the players and she knows the game as well as anybody. Plus, in my humble opinion, Brazile's personality and knowledge clearly fit that chair better than Amanpour's unique take.

Oh well. I'm just a failed director/producer. What do I know.
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Kenya Getting On Video Map With Just-a-Band Boy Group

Kenyan Boy group Just-a-Band's latest video, “Ha-He,” introduces the fictional Makmende sporting shades, chains, an Afro pick and American 70's polyester swagger. The video, directed by Jim Chuchu and Mbithi Masya, features “Big-G,” “Godfrey and the Laydayz,” “Black Sahara” and others backing up Makmende. Starring Kevin "K1" Maina, Patricia Kihoro, Mbithi Masya, Kibugi Wamae, Mugambi Nthiga, Renee Sewe, and Kwame Oddenyo. (WSJ, 3/24/10)

AAEA Kenya just opened this month too with Boaz Adhengo as the director.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

FOX News Launches FOX 411 Entertainment Portal

By Holly Wood

FOX News is taking a chapter out of AAEA Hollywood's book and is plunging directly into the entertainment business. Maybe Glenn Beck has inspired the network. But clearly they got the idea from us. Of course they will not give us credit for our vision, but what else is new?

FOX 411 bills itself as "Your First Call For Celebrity News." That is not completely accurate. "AAEA Hollwood" is your first call for real celebrity news.
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Warren Buffett as Axl Rose of Guns & Roses For GEICO

By Alan Smithee

This is just too good. So Buffett is a rocker? Who would have thunk it. The video below features real GEICO associates and a cameo appearance by Warren Buffett as Axl Rose. Why Axl we wonder? I guess Warren sees himself as something of big business bad boy. Axl is too troubled and self absorbed though. Buffett would have served himself better by channeling Slash. Yeah. Strap on a guitar and top hat and rock the house. Or Environment Man if he wanted to really serve up some industrial rock. Check out the video.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bill Maher is Passionate About Global Warming

By Environment Man

Bill Maher knows his facts when it comes to global warming and climate change. He passionately defends the fact of the phenomenon and more than adequately debates the issue. Bill hates kids, marriage and religion. He loves black women, pot, and liberalism. But I diverge.

Maher supports President Obama's climate plan and appears to be a proponent of Cap-and-Trade. Is Bill going to go to Washington this Spring to lobby on Capitol Hill for passage of a climate/energy bill? I doubt it. But he uses his "Real Time With Bill Maher" show on HBO as an effective tool for promoting climate change mitigation. Of course, the converted are mostly already his audience and he's not going to convert Republicans to support the current Cap-and-Trade proposal. I was impressed that Maher knew that Bush One supported Cap-and-Trade. Bush Two proposed a Cap-and-Trade Clear Skies Initiative too. But politics does not have to make sense. President Obama opposed Cap-and-Trade when he was in the U.S. Senate. Oh well.

Keep up the good work Bill. And it's not too late to marry one of those black women, have some kids and start going to church.
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Deem and Pass

By Anton Jackson

I've been around Washington for three decades and though I consider myself to be an 'Inside-the-Beltway' pro, I have to admit that I've never heard of 'Deem and Pass.'

Under "deem-and-pass," when the House considers a bill, they vote on a set of debate rules prior to considering the bill itself. When it is approved, the underlying legislation is automatically passed. Democrats in the House want to pass health care reform, but without directly voting "yes" on the version of the bill the Senate passed in December, which many members find objectionable. They would prefer to cast their "yes" vote for a set of changes that would make that Senate bill more to their liking.

If the House approves the use of "deem and pass" on ObamaCare, Democrats get to skip approving the Senate bill and can jump immediately to voting on ways to (in their eyes) improve it. If the strategy is successful, those improvements will be present in the version of the bill Obama ultimately signs into law.
[The Week, 3/17/10]
I don't understand. If the House is not passing the Senate bill, how can a law be considered to be passed. Passing the reconciliation changes in advance is not passing the Senate bill that would be signed by President Obama. The changes alter the Senate legislation and so no Obamacare bill is passed. We're looking at big time litigation if this technique is used.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are You Going To Eat Beef On Earth Day?

By Korben Dallas

The beef industry marked the 2009 Earth Day celebration under the theme, "America's Farmers & Ranchers ... Everyday Environmentalists." U.S. beef producers observe Earth Day every day by helping preserve a healthy, safe, clean and sustainable environment for food production and for use by future generations. I think I'm going to just have a nice big burger for Earth Day this year.

From ExploreBeef:

America’s beef farmers and ranchers are committed to protecting the environment. Cattlemen and women incorporate a variety of best management practices to ensure the beef industry is in compliance with environmental requirements. For America’s cattle farmers, the land is their livelihood and their legacy. They carefully follow science-based best management practices to protect our country’s natural resources for future generations. In fact, ranchers have led conservation efforts proving that raising cattle and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand.

The beef industry honors leaders in conservation efforts with an annual award. The Environmental Stewardship Award not only recognizes farmers and ranchers who have successfully combined natural resource conservation efforts with good business practices, but it also encourages application of new environmental best practices across the entire industry. Beef cattle farmers and ranchers practice natural resource management activities including soil tests, brush and weed control programs, grazing management plans, minimum or conservation tillage systems and range quality and grass utilization monitoring.

Clean, plentiful water is critical for the economic survival of the industry. Beef farmers protect this valuable resource because it’s vital to the success of their business, and it’s a government requirement. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Act sets forth requirements for protecting our nation’s water resources, especially for confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Sometimes referred to as “factory farms” by anti-industry activists, larger feedlot operations actually are subject to strict regulations and constant government scrutiny. Most large feedlot owners have a dedicated environmental engineer either on staff or on contract to ensure their operation is in compliance.

Good management of natural resources on farms and ranches across the country isn’t a choice; farmers and ranchers know that protecting the environment now protects the business for future generations. (ExploreBeef)
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Environment Man To Play At 40th Annual Earth Day Event

By Holly Wood

Environment Man has just announced that he will be playing a gig in Washington, D.C. at the 40th Annual Earth Day festivities. Environment Man & the Ecology Band intend to 'Rock the House' and maybe the Senate too. Stay tuned. Updates to follow.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Doesn't Dan know that I keep the belly of Air Force One full of watermelons?"

"And that I sell them very sucessfully all over the United States and the world."
"Bottom line Dan: Obama CAN sell watermelons."
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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Surfrider Foundation Celebrates World Water Day‏

By Jerry Kurl

On March 22nd, the Surfrider Foundation is celebrating World Water Day with the launch of the educational program "Know Your H20," premiere of "The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water," and a one-day-only membership offering. Founded in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly, World Water Day was created to help focus public attention on the critical water issues facing our global community. The theme for this year’s World Water Day is “Clean Water for a Healthy World.”

Know Your H20 is the next evolutionary step in Surfrider Foundation’s long-running Blue Water Task Force monitoring program. Their goal is to move beyond telling people there are challenges to marine water quality, and towards educating them on how they can take steps to improve it.

The Surfrider Foundation officially launches the program with the premiere of their animated movie “The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water.” The film, which was created by a cadre of Surfrider Foundation volunteer activists, is narrated by LOST star Zuleikha Robinson and focuses on the various challenges and solutions relating to water management.

Surfrider Foundation will also be kicking off an online contest for its Blue Note Karaoke event on World Water Day. Starting March 22nd, people can log onto MySpace and enter for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to California to participate in Surfrider’s Blue Note Karaoke event on May 6th.

Finally, the Surfrider Foundation will be offering a special one-day only World Water Day membership package on March 22nd. For the discount price of $20 (regularly $25), purchasers will receive a one-year membership to the Surfrider Foundation and their choice of either a reusable FilterForGood Nalgene bottle or organic tote bag.

For additional information

Alexis Henry
Surfrider Foundation
Phone (949) 732-6413 / Fax (949) 492-8142

About Surfrider Foundation: The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers in Malibu, California, the Surfrider Foundation now maintains over 50,000 members and 90 chapters worldwide.
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Monday, March 08, 2010

Jimi Hendrix: "Valleys of Neptune"

By Environment Man

Jimi Hendrix's stepsister, Janie Hendrix, has commissioned the release of a new posthumous album, "Valleys of Neptune." The CD is being released today on Sony Legacy Recordings. Just as it is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and the establishment of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, so too is it the 40th anniversary of the death of Hendrix. Wow how time flies. Hendrix's sister, through her Experience Hendrix LLC, has partnered with Sony to market Hendrix, including remastered original Hendrix albums and anthology.

Most of these 12 songs were recorded in 1969 in London and New York after the Jimi Hendrix Experience's third and final studio album, "Electric Ladyland." In the 18 months leading up to his death in September 1970, these sessions were his last with the Experience's Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell and first with Billy Cox, Hendrix's old army buddy who'd take up bass duties in Band of Gypsys later in the year.

Official Jimi Hendrix Site

(The Seattle Times, 3/8/10, Wash Post, 3/7/10)
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Friday, March 05, 2010

Jay-Z & Beyonce In The Situation Room at the White House

By Jerry Kurl

Jay-Z and Beyonce visited the White House on Wednesday before his concert later that night. They received a tour that included a stop in The Situation Room. No. Not Mike "The Situation's" room of "Jersey Shore." They met briefly with President Obama. Don't forget that Beyonce serenaded the First Couple during the Inauguration last year. That's Jay-Z and Beyonce's posse with them in The Situation Room.

Jay-Z's concert got generally good reviews. So did his stop at the White House. What? No pictures with the president? Maybe they didn't want a picture that would live forever: remember Elvis with Nixon? I'm willing to bet there are pictures and they will be release one day. Like that yellow dress B. Nice suit J. Don't forget to call me next time.
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Hip Hop Renewable Energy Tour

Hello ,

The West Coast Hip Hop Family, Indigenous Hip Hop, Indigenous activists, and African activists around youth programs have unified so completely it is amazing. Up until now, there has been a miscommunication line between Hip Hop Celebrities/Artists and non-profits, most especially Indigenous Hip Hop youth activists who rely on Hip Hop music as a way to reach young people. This was mostly due to the fact that ambassadors on each side had a long walk to get everybody to understand truly in the hearts of the other. I have been both a non-profit and in Hip Hop for 30 years and have never seen such a truly sincere effort on all parts.

I don't know if there are any words to describe the endless calls from Black, Indigenous (and Latino) and non-profits in support of the 1st Solar/Wind powered Hip Hop tour both going to Reservations & major cities (free shows).

This tour/media campaign will, in about 8 weeks into the tour, be a big news event for about 1 month both National and International. We are doing small venue and reservations so that we can fund all the artists coming. The first leg is: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington State, Pine Ridge (South Dakota), and then Canada. We will then be coming back to other states.

There are 24 Bio Fuel run converted buses, including mobile greenhouse, solar cars, and water truck. So we will be a totally self sustainable "mini village". This demonstrates the power of solar/wind as well as eco sustainability in a real way. As of March 8th we will be the 1st Hip Hop TV/Radio Station to be solar in the nation. Our first tour stop is Hawaii, as we have a Samoan group that is part of the artist roster now. That will be April 23. We will be the next, April 27th San Francisco. We then become the 1st Solar/Wind Powered Hip Hop Tour in the world.

We are also merging with a non-profit called Grind for the Green on this, which gives us an additional already createf national media campaign for 2010 and another tour in 2011.


http://blackcrowtribe.co.cc/GREEN.html (Tour page)

King Regards,

Teri Adaju
Black Crow & Moss Beach Renewable Energy
North Bay office: 707 -869-9088
10412 Armstrong Woods Rd, Suite D, Guerneville CA 95446
twitter: @ecowebportal
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Thursday, March 04, 2010

ZENERGY House "Zero Energy" Opening In Studio City, CA

The Grand Opening on April 2, of the ZENERGY House in Studio City, California is scheduled for April 2 and speakers include Ed Begley, Jr. and California State Senator Fran Pavley. The Zenergy house demonstrates how easily green design can be accomplished by using current proven technologies. It is an example of how you can create a healthier home; one that is more durable, more energy efficient, more respectful of the environment while improving your properties value in a precarious market. The house will be home to Educational Seminars and group tours.

This High Performance Green Home is the first home that combines the Home Performance with Energy Star program with environmentally responsible design and construction to create a zero energy, healthy, whole house remodel. The benefits of a High Performance Green Home are improved health, safety, comfort and the ability to protect property values from rapidly escalating energy costs. Their mission is to help homeowners recognize what truly determines a green home and to provide a roadmap for creating thier own ZENERGY HOUSE.

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"Tapped" Examines Big Business of Bottled Water

Is access to clean drinking water a basic human right, or a commodity that should be bought and sold like any other article of commerce? Stephanie Soechtig's debut feature film, "Tapped," is an unflinching examination of the big business of bottled water.

Take friends to a free and public screening on Tuesday, March 16th at American University. Mr. Ms. Soechtig has teamed up with American University's Environmental Filmmaking Center and others to bring you this behind-the-scenes look at the bottled water industry and the scheme to privatize and sell back our water. Stick around after the film for an intriguing discussion on issues raised in the film and AU's efforts to decrease bottled water on campus. And don't forget to stop by Food & Water Watch's table for free stickers and to sign the pledge to Take Back the Tap.

American University
Mary Graydon Center
Wechsler Theater
3rd Floor4400
Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC
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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

NRDC Music Concert To End Mountaintop Removal

NRDC Presents Music Saves Mountains

Featuring Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews, Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, Patty Loveless, Kathy Mattea plus special guests

The Messina Group/AEG Live and the Ryman Auditorium have announced the star-studded line-up for Natural Resources Defense Council Presents Music Saves Mountains concert. This fundraising concert will be held May 19th at 8:00 p.m. at Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium. Featured performers include Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews, Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, Patty Loveless, Kathy Mattea plus special guests. Tickets will go on sale Friday, March 5th at 10:00 a.m. by phone, the Ryman box office, http://www.musicsavesmountains.org/ and http://www.ryman.com/ . Ticket prices are $45, $75, $95 and $300. Fifty premium seat tickets will be sold via online auction at www.ticketmaster.com starting Friday, March 5th at 10:00 a.m., with a minimum of $300.

The Music Saves Mountains concert will serve as a fundraiser for NRDC’s campaign to end mountain top removal in Appalachia. Net proceeds will be put directly back in to efforts to pass strong laws that bring an end to this destructive practice.

Today, the Appalachians are being ravaged by the most destructive form of coal mining ever devised. Companies are blowing up entire mountaintops to get at the thin seams of coal below. Already 500 peaks have been leveled, wide swaths of forests have been clear cut, miles of streams have been destroyed or polluted, and countless communities have been harmed by this devastating practice.

About Ryman Auditorium A National Historic Landmark: Ryman Auditorium was built as a church in 1892, served as the home of the Grand Ole Opry from 1943-74, and was completely renovated in 1994. The Ryman is open as a museum during the day and at night continues its more-than-100-year music tradition by offering the best in live entertainment. The Ryman Auditorium is owned by Gaylord Entertainment, a Nashville-based hospitality and entertainment company that owns and operates Gaylord Hotels and the Grand Ole Opry.

About The Messina Group/AEG Live: The Messina Group (TMG) is a partner of AEG Live, one of the top live entertainment companies in the world which produces world tours featuring internationally renowned artists and regional concerts and festivals. TMG/AEG Live is recognized throughout the industry for its artist-friendly approach and commitment to quality.
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Zeta Tau Alpha Wins 'Step' Contest and $100K

By Holly Wood

The White chicks of Zeta Tau Alpha swooped in 'The Matrix' style and honestly stole the Step show. The audience reaction tells the whole story. A Black audience knows how to rate style and the Zetas brought it. Although there was some protesting of the decision and a Coca Cola sponsor 'affirmation action' reboot to share the award with one of the losing sororities, those gals killed it. Too bad we still let race obscure excellence. If the UK celebrated Jimi Hendrix in the 60's for his excellence, surely we can celebrate art when members of another race seek to impress us with their style that appeals to our culture. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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Monday, March 01, 2010

EPA Environmental Justice Video Contest

EPA Announces Environmental Justice Video Contest: Faces of the Grassroots

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is sponsoring an environmental justice video contest that challenges professional or aspiring filmmakers to create videos that capture the faces of the environmental justice movement. The Faces of the Grassroots contest is an opportunity to publicly exhibit creativity with environmental justice stories, and connect with others working to raise awareness of the movement.

Faces of the Grassroots is intended to help EPA expand the conversation on environmentalism and work for environmental justice. Participants can make a difference for the historically underrepresented in their community by using videos to show the struggles and triumphs they have endured to advance environmental justice.

Videos can focus on any environmental justice activity, issue, or topic. Examples would be a music video about climate change, or a video recording a successful environmental justice project that has made a community a healthier and happier place to live.

Awards will be given to the winning submissions in each category. The videos will also be featured on EPA’s Web site and may be used as public service announcements. Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, April 8, 2010. EPA will announce winners in honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

Below are the categories and prize money:

Public Service Announcements (30 or 60 seconds)

1st Place - $2,500
2nd Place - $1,500
3rd Place - $1,000
Student Winner - $500 (13-18 years old)

Informational Video (3-5 minutes)

1st Place - $2,500
2nd Place - $1,500
3rd Place - $1,000
Student Winner - $500 (13-18 years old)

More information

Informational video on the contest
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