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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Senator Inhofe Has Hollywood & Al Gore On The Run

We support Senator James Inhofe's campaign to expose the hypocrisy of Hollywood celebrities when it comes to energy policy and global warming. The rich celebrities live large with multiple homes, cars, planes and boats and then preach to the masses to conserve and buy a Prius. Baloney. The rest of us want what they have. And then we will buy 'Carbon Offsets' to make ourselves feel better about our energy use too. Actually, real offset programs are legitimate. We are promoting an offset program ourselves based on nuclear power: Green Carbon Bank.

Senator Inhofe has challenged celebrity activists such as Al Gore and Sheryl Crow to lower their "carbon footprint" to the same level as the average American by Earth Day in April 2008. Inhofe is now Kryptonite to the Superman Celebrities. They are dodging Inhofe's challenge. And why not? They want us to do as they say, not as they do.

Senator Inhofe publicized his so-called "Gore Pledge" at a recent Environment & Public Works Committee hearing to discuss his views on climate change. AAEA President Norris McDonald attended that hearing. Mr. Inhofe asked Mr. Gore to sign the pledge to reduce his use of products that produce greenhouse gases, but he declined, instead citing alternative carbon trade-offs.

www.Thesmokinggun.com described how the Cheryl Crow/Lauri David tour caravan includes three tractor-trailer rigs, four buses and six cars. And they aren't even purchasing offsets. Senator Inhofe also singled out other celebrity activists, including John Travolta, Leonardo DiCaprio and Madonna, to take the 'Gore Pledge.' (Sources: Marc Morano, The Washington Times)
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Friday, April 20, 2007

THE Hot Spot in Beijing - - - Houhai - - Back Lakes

AAEA President Norris McDonald and Center China Office Director Zhang Xiaoping

There is nothing in Hollywood like Houhai. Nothing. Live bands, bars, restaurants, a couple of lakes, dance halls and shops all in one compact spot. On a recent trip to Beijing, AAEA parked at its favorite new hotspot in the whole world.

Beijing’s Houhai lakeside neighborhood north of Tiananmen Square attracted only park-goers, weekend fishermen, or ice skaters, only three years ago. Ex-concert cellist Bai Feng opened his No Name bar (it had no sign, but filled up via word-of-mouth) and the scene was set for a new generation of stylish establishments. Houhai and adjoining lakes Xihai and Qianhai— collectively known as the Back Lakes were dug out in the Yuan Dynasty (14th century) to berth barges from the Grand Canal.

Over the past year, the area has gone upscale and emerged as the capital’s coolest neighborhood, with scores of bars, restaurants, and boutiques catering to the city’s chic. The mix of bars, restaurants and shops makes this spot second to none. And it really comes alive at night. (Source: Ron Gluckman)
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Monday, April 16, 2007

Don Imus and the Nappy Headed Ho

Give the old man his job back. He is almost dead anyway. And most whites do not care if blacks are insulted. "What's the big deal?" they think. They feel their free speech rights can justify saying just about anything except "fire" in the theater. Moreover, some feel blacks are on Earth to be kicked around. Particularly since they do not appear to be capable of defending themselves. [Note that we used 'they' there.] We believe you should defend yourself by any means necessary.

So big mouth Imus got himself fired. Maybe Howard Stern is looking over his shoulder. But Robin Quivers is his insurance policy. We listened to Imus and Stern (they hate each other). So although we sympathize with the nappy head (most blacks are ashamed of their natural curls), we have no sympathy for another toilet paper mouth picking on hapless, helpless black people. But blacks ARE an economic force in America and the world so corporate America did the dirty deed to Imus. The snowball got to rolling and Don was bounced. Now go kick the dog Don and leave the hapless alone.
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