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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bill Maher's Racist Green Bloggers

Bill 'I am my own God and Yours Too' Maher has a blog site with an openly racist environmentalist ranting about "Protecting the White Environment." Most racist environmentalists usually hide their overt racism, although the vast majority of mainstream environmental groups openly practice discrimination in hiring and retaining blacks (There are about 4 notable exceptions, however). You wanna hear it uncut? Check this green-hooded tree hugger out.
To be fair to Maher, the site did ban the person posting the racist comments. Maher is adamant about free speech though so they left the post up. This is also explained by one of Maher's people (I assume) in comments.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The China Syndrome II: Climate Change

It is The Day After Tomorrow scenario: super hurricanes, killer tornadoes, melting ice caps, coastal flooding, droughts, wildfires and killer smog. Global warming and climate change have convinced Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas that nuclear power is the way to go because it is emission free and does not contribute greenhouse gases or smog forming gases to the atmosphere. Jack Lemmon does not have to be convinced. He was the pro-nuke corporate guy in the first film in 1979. Lemmon leads the charge as the advocate for using nukes to save Earth's atmosphere in this film.

Fonda, Douglas and Lemmon commandeer the controls of a national television network and demand that more nuclear plants and electric vehicles should be used worldwide. After they post bail, they testify before Congress and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission demanding the same. The film is a worldwide phenomenon and convinces the public that nuclear power and electric vehicles are the solutions for global climate change. Okay. We're dreaming. But we can hope.
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God and Hollywood

Is there a rule in Hollywood movie productions that 'God Must Be Cursed' at least one time in each movie? The only exceptions (so far) are children's animations.
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Terminator 3: Fuel Cells

It is revealed that the Terminator runs on a fuel cell. Talk about 'takes a licking and keeps on kicking.' Arnold states that, "When ruptured, the fuel cell becomes unstable." His chest mounted fuel cell (looks like a printer cartridge) blew up after he tossed it.

The Governator is working on a Hummer powered by a fuel cell. Reality mimics fantasy. And just as the cybernetic organism Arnold played in the movies had to repair himself, Arnold also had a major heart operation to correct a congenital condition. Hang in there governor. We're with you.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hollywood Green Posers

1) House over 3,000 sq. ft., less than 4 people.
2) Have more than one house in Calif.
3) More than 1 house in Calif. & a house in NY.
4) Have a Prius and 2 other cars per person.
5) Publicly call yourself an environmentalist.
6) Solar panels for house but do not use them.
7) Own a diesel-powered boat over 30 feet.
8) Millionaire & donate to rich green groups.
9) Leave air conditioning on when not home.
10) Smoke Cigarettes.

If you answered Yes to at least 7 of these questions, you are a Hollywood Green Poser or Poseur for those of you with a home in France.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hustle & Flow: High Tide

In the two scenes where Terrance 'DJay' Howard is by the Mississippi River, the tide is going out. Nice imagery for the struggle of the characters to get out of their hopeless circumstances. This movie has the biggest heart of the summer. It will break your heart, make you cry and lift you up. You wouldn't think so because it is a movie about a pimp and his prostitutes.

The tag line for the movie, "Everybody Has A Dream," is the heart of the movie. It is the pursuit of the dream that makes this movie's heart beat and makes you love the characters. The other hook in the movie will stay with you: "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp..."
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President Bush Raps About Peace

Just Click on the Picture and
Don't Be Green With Envy
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Can you name the African American Academy Award Winners for:

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress and

Best Music?

Leave a Comment and let us know how many you answered correctly. If you want to know all of them, of course, we have the ANSWERS.

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Friday, July 22, 2005

The Island: Pollution Lie

Miniature probes , pictured below, monitor body functions and L.A. has a skyhigh mass transit system.
Everyone wears white, everything is regimented, the people are supposedly the survivors of an environmental catastrophe and they are quarantined until chosen by lottery to go to the island, the last uncontaminated place on Earth. Of course, there was no catastrophe, there is no island and they are the unknowing clones of rich people - - to be used for body parts at some future date. Of course, the evil side of cloning and embryonic stem cell markets will clearly lead to this sort of abuse.
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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Beam Me Up Scotty

James Doohan died in the summer of 2005 but Scotty will continue to run the nuclear power plant on the U.S.S. Enterprise. The matter-antimatter engines on the starship are fueled by fictional dilithium crystals -- the equivalent of uranium in today's nuclear power plants. Thank you Mr. Doohan for providing us with top caliber entertainment during your lifetime. And thank you Scotty for not listening to those antinuclear activists.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Minority Report: Clean Air

Minority Report is a masterpiece by Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise. The technology is very well researched and presented. The most compelling item in the movie though is the automated manufacture of magnetic electric vehicles (in the case of the movie, right in downtown Washington, DC.). We can assume that everyone everywhere drives this emissionless vehicle that drives up the sides of skyscrapers (prohibited in the city limits). Note that Cruise is standing on one in the picture. If all cities in the U.S. used vehicles like the ones in the movie, along with utilizing a plug-in state-of-the art battery technology, hydrogen fuel cell hybrid recharged with a combination of nuclear power plant electricity and hydrogen production, then there would not be smog in the cities and climate change would be reduced- - just as there is none in the movie. A really smart movie, except for the divination stuff.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Erin Brockovich- Chromium $6

Hollywood can make a hit out of a pollution story.
It is reported that Erin Brockovich pocketed $2 million. Julia Roberts, left, was paid $20 million for the film. PG&E settled for $300 million. The movie grossed almost $100 million.

Brockovich stumbles upon medical records in a real estate file concerning one of her employer/attorney's clients, which piques her interest. Her interest grows as she learns more about Hinkley, California and its residents. It seems that a statistically disproportionate number of the residents were ill with rare diseases. Environmental justice advocates would have loved a movie that depicted pollution in minority communities. Of course, who would play Julia Roberts Erin Brockovich? Halle Berry? Would such a film be successful?
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The Day After Tomorrow

What do you think about The Day After Tomorrow?
A definitive environmental film (overlooking some of the obvious scientific leaps), this science fiction epic ($500 million) captures the essence of climate change possibilities. Although warming is the scientific consensus, cooling could be just as catastrophic. Regardless, climate change due to human contributions of emissions to the atmosphere should be taken seriously. We cannot dump unlimited quantities of gases into the 100 mile atmosphere without consequence. Mankind and womankind are global managers. Since leaving the garden, we are responsible for controlling human and natural conditions in our atmosphere. Our oceans are also a big part of this equation.

The movie has the geeky black nerd, the genius son and the love interests. Another climatologist brother is in an interracial marriage, but he dies. Now the scientist might debate climate science in this movie, but the father walking from Philly to New York in a snow storm is Hollywood at its best.
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Saturday, July 16, 2005

28 Days Later

After the 'rage' virus is accidently loosed in the UK, the little band of survivors reach a grocery store and in their search for food find that the irradiated apples are the only fresh fruits that have not rotted. The father of the teenager looks at the apples and says, "ah, irradiated" and scoops up the dozen for them to eat. Windmills are also shown as the little group tries to find other 'uninfected.' An interracial romance is included as a subtext in this horror epic. Unlike other 'un-dead,' these zombies can RUN!
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Friday, July 15, 2005

The Matrix: There is no Clean Air Act

If you get asthma in The Matrix, you will have asthma out of The Matrix. In The Matrix: Reloaded movie smokestacks belch NOx, SOx, VOCs, carbon dioxide, mercury and heavy-duty particulate matter. You can see many stacks spitting black smoke. Plus, the highways are clogged with huge fume belching vehicles.Clearly there is no Clean Air Act in the movie world of The Matrix. If there is no Clean Air Act, then wouldn't the inhabitants get asthma? And if you get asthma in the Matrix, wouldn't you get it out of the matrix? Neo is already blind at the end of the trilogy. Imagine him being asthatic too.
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John Travolta On Hybrids & Jets

Although John Travolta has a commercial-sized jet parked in his back yard and he flies it all over the world, his character in the movie "Be Cool" drives a Prius. Treehugger has a great blog on JT's movie Prius antics. And Vince Vaughn is hilarious 'acting black' in the movie. Note the L.A. smog behind Uma Thurman in the picture.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fantastic Four: Energy Management?

The Fantastic Four is a movie about energy management. Throughout the comic books and the movie, the 4 are always trying to figure out how to best use their 'energy.' With Torch, it's fire, Thing, it's mechanical energy, Reed Richards, fluid dynamics, and Invisible Woman, kinetic energy and telekinesis. Are they blessed or cursed by the gamma radiation-induced powers? And Thing has a blind, black girlfriend. What do you think about that? Some people do not want to 'waste' their energy talking about race. The director of Fantastic Four, Tim Story, is black.
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War of the Worlds: Microbes or Pollution?

In the 1938 War of the Worlds and in the 2005 war, the aliens died from exposure to Earth's environment. In 1938, microbes probably killed the aliens. In 2005, Morgan Freeman said microbes killed the aliens too, but we think it was pollution in the air and water. We are calling on Steven Spielberg, in cooperation with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the U.S. Environmetnal Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a definitive determination. Where were the autopsies performed? Where are the results from those autopsies published? If you have any information, please feel free to provide it to our readers. I don't think there are any black people in this movie? In Brooklyn?
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Batman's Gas Guzzler

Although the new batmobile has an interesting new look, it is a gas guzzler that probably gets 5 miles to the gallon. And what's with the flame coming out of the back? What a waste. That waste heat could be used. Would an internal combustion engine spit flames anyway? But then again, maybe Bruce Wayne would drive a Prius, but Batman is an SUV kind of guy. Do you favor Bruce Wayne in a Prius or Batman in an earthmover hummer?
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