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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The China Syndrome II: Climate Change

It is The Day After Tomorrow scenario: super hurricanes, killer tornadoes, melting ice caps, coastal flooding, droughts, wildfires and killer smog. Global warming and climate change have convinced Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas that nuclear power is the way to go because it is emission free and does not contribute greenhouse gases or smog forming gases to the atmosphere. Jack Lemmon does not have to be convinced. He was the pro-nuke corporate guy in the first film in 1979. Lemmon leads the charge as the advocate for using nukes to save Earth's atmosphere in this film.

Fonda, Douglas and Lemmon commandeer the controls of a national television network and demand that more nuclear plants and electric vehicles should be used worldwide. After they post bail, they testify before Congress and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission demanding the same. The film is a worldwide phenomenon and convinces the public that nuclear power and electric vehicles are the solutions for global climate change. Okay. We're dreaming. But we can hope.
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