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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Environment of Sly Stone

Endangered specie Sly Stone was spotted at the 2006 Grammy Awards and set off pandemonium and speculation among his watchers. It was the first real siting of Slynies Stoneous in 13 years.

The bandaged right hand, high collar silver maxi coat and mohawk were probably props to distract from his humpback posture. We believe he should 'play' the hunchback because his contemporaries are carrying their own crosses and can identify with his burden. Or it could be true that a recent four-wheeler motorcycle accident had left his right hand broken and bandaged, and he was bent over because he was bothered by back or neck pain from the accident. Regardless, Stone is heads and tails above the many rockers who never made it out of the 1960s. According to addiction expert and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, Sly is sober. And, although showing some mileage, he did look funk/rock star ready.

Rumors notwithstanding, a reuniting of the head specie with the Family Stone appears to be unlikely. Five of the six original members performed with Stone at the Grammy's but Larry Graham did not perform (he was in L.A) for Jehovah could only Witness what reason. Sly made the first rehearsal at Staples Center but missed the dress rehearsal. Regardless, would Sly & The Family Stone be a hit again with all members present? Our environmental assessment is that it would. Of course, the decision is Stone's. Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com
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Thursday, March 23, 2006

South Park: Cartoon Cultural Pollution?

The South Park cartoon show on Comedy Central is extremely vulgar. Kids like its mix of crudeness and irreverent humor. But is it contributing to the delinquency of our youth? They said the same thing about Elvis, Rock & Roll, Prince and Rap. Well all of those have accelerated vulgarity in our culture but who's counting. Religion is a favorite target of Hollywood pagans and Scientology (if you can really call that a religion) has created quite a buzz.

Isaac Hayes, right, the voice for the Chef character, left, recently quit the show because they lampooned Scientology, of which he is a convert. The creators of the show will probably replace Hayes' voice with someone to keep the beloved school cook character. Tom Cruise recently exerted his power to have the Scientology episode repeat cancelled. Evidently Viacom, which owns Paramount Studios and Comedy Central, was pressured by Cruise to pull the episode or he would not promote his new movie, Mission Impossible III.
UPDATE: The show brought Chef back for the new season to humiliate and kill him. They turned Chef into a child molester, he is struck by lightning, plunges off a bridge down into a ravine, impaled on a large stick, and attacked by a mountain lion and a grizzly bear. Well do you think show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are a little angry at Hayes?
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Failure To Launch: Green & Black

"Failure to Launch" is about a 35-year-old man named Trip (Matthew McConaughey), who still lives at home with his parents. They dream of being empty-nesters and hire a woman named Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker), who is a specialist at getting grown men to move out of their parents' homes. It is a good romantic comedy.

This movie has numerous environmental scenes and a black plot/character subtext. The main characters sail, surf, bike through forests, and rock climb. Tripp is constantly being bitten - by a chipmunk, a lizard, a dolphin. The idea is that he's not at one with the natural order and the animals know it. That is why they bite him. In one scene Trip and Paula have a 9 year old black kid sitting between them who is either Trip's kid from a previous relationship or the child of Trip's former black fiancee, who died. None of about 20 reviews we examined talk about this relationship.
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Friday, March 17, 2006

NEOCONMEN (Cartoon Video)

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Tony Soprano: Is He An Environmentalist?

We don't think so. He has a 50 foot yacht, a waterfront home and an outer suburban home. Tony must not support Smart Growth. He drives the largest SUVs. He is a chronic overeater. He works in 'waste management.' All of his employees drive huge cars and are quite violent as is Tony(environmentalists are pacifists). He is probably a Republican (environmentalists aren't Republicans). He lives in northern New Jersey (Tony seems unconcerned about pollution). He is the ultimate consumer; we never see him conserving. He once waited for a bear to come back into his back yard and he had an AK 47 automatic assault rifle on his lap. Nope. We don't think Tony is an environmentalist.
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Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscars 'Crash' Brokeback Mountain

"Crash," the racial issues movie, won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Philip Seymour Hoffman won Best Actor for his portrayal in "Capote." Reese Witherspoon won Best Actress for her portrayal of June Carter Cash in the Johnny Cash biopic "Walk the Line." In our opinion the show's host, Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" was excellent. George Clooney won Best Supporting Actor for his role as a rogue CIA agent in "Syriana." "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," the anthem from "Hustle & Flow," by Three 6 Mafia (Jordan Houston, Cedric Coleman & Paul Beauregard), won Best Original Song. It was the 78th Oscar Awards presentation.
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