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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Environment of Sly Stone

Endangered specie Sly Stone was spotted at the 2006 Grammy Awards and set off pandemonium and speculation among his watchers. It was the first real siting of Slynies Stoneous in 13 years.

The bandaged right hand, high collar silver maxi coat and mohawk were probably props to distract from his humpback posture. We believe he should 'play' the hunchback because his contemporaries are carrying their own crosses and can identify with his burden. Or it could be true that a recent four-wheeler motorcycle accident had left his right hand broken and bandaged, and he was bent over because he was bothered by back or neck pain from the accident. Regardless, Stone is heads and tails above the many rockers who never made it out of the 1960s. According to addiction expert and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, Sly is sober. And, although showing some mileage, he did look funk/rock star ready.

Rumors notwithstanding, a reuniting of the head specie with the Family Stone appears to be unlikely. Five of the six original members performed with Stone at the Grammy's but Larry Graham did not perform (he was in L.A) for Jehovah could only Witness what reason. Sly made the first rehearsal at Staples Center but missed the dress rehearsal. Regardless, would Sly & The Family Stone be a hit again with all members present? Our environmental assessment is that it would. Of course, the decision is Stone's. Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com
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