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Friday, February 27, 2009

Sumner Redstone Gets More Time To Pay His Bill

Summer Redstone, right, has reached a deal with his banks, led by Bank of America, that gives him two more years to pay down some of the $1.4 billion he holds in debt with them.

Redstone controls both Viacom, CBS and family holding company, National Amusements, which runs his movie theater chain.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Leonard Robinson Is Enviro Bro

During the day Leonard Robinson, left, is Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. Once a week Robinson hosts a weekly one-hour radio program called "Going Green With Leonard Robinson." The show airs on KDEE 97.7 FM in Sacramento and the station is a volunteer-powered, listener-supported station owned and operated by the California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation. He discusses hot-button topics, such as green-collar jobs, pollution prevention, greening businesses, environmental justice, green chemistry and electronic recycling.

He infuses his show with humor and lightheartedness. Robinson has worked in the environmental field for 35 years, starting out as an environmental safety manager for a steel mill in Southern California. The Going Green radio program is more than a hobby for Enviro Bro. It’s the culmination of a life’s passion and work. Robinson wants to give people the tools for making more eco-friendly decisions, like paying bills online or taking canvas bags to the grocery store—little tipping points that add up to a big difference. On air, he promotes green programs, such as the Take-It-Back Partnership that offers free, local ways for Californians to recycle end-of-life products, such as compact fluorescent light bulbs, electronic waste and batteries. (Sacramento News & Review)
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Saturday, February 07, 2009

917 Films Could Be THE Next 'Big Thing' in Hollywood

A new production company called 917 Films is producing independent films that are intensely character driven. Films where viewers can relate to what they see on the screen because they have lived it, seen it, or felt some of what the characters are experiencing. Their first film is a short called "Rubicon ." Clearly Hollywood's 'Next Big Thing' is this upstart, but powerfully imaginative company.

The story:

The Man and Woman in the short film Rubicon are both on the cusp of such revolutionary change. It could take them past their individual points of no return in their personal narratives. The Man, literally hours away from a major life commitment, begins to second guess himself and his choice to be married and live the "American dream." He manufactures a conflict with his fiancee, flees and intentionally charges steadfast toward a self-destructive, revolutionary act to experience "something new," before he takes his vows and becomes like everyone else.

The Woman has lived a complete 180-degree life from the Man to this point. Her choices and life's path, most would argue do not embody the "American dream," so to speak. She is a prostitute, a woman of the night, and most importantly a businesswoman. Meeting the Man that evening at the Rubicon, starts her down her own path of self-discovery and soul- searching. Something about his approach coupled with her personal history clicks, and when she finds out that he is yet another customer, with another significant other, who is choosing to act out with her, puts her on the cusp of her journey past the point of no return. She may now finally see her own choice to cast the die and take her life in another direction.

Pictured above left: Jennifer Henson & Lead Actress

Pictured above right: Director of Photography Mike
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hollywood Tax Break Stripped From Economic Stimulus Bill

An amendment sponsored by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) to strike $246 million from the economic stimulus bill (American Investment and Recovery Act - S. 336) for film industry tax cuts passed on a vote of 52 Yeas and 45 Nays.
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