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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Environment of Interracial Love

The interracial love romantic comedy "Something New" features Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker as a black/white couple in a separated world and highlights the black perspective. America is still mostly segregated along racial lines. Sanaa as Kenya is affluent and well educated and Simon as Brian is a working class fellow. Why is it that the black always has to be so much better than the white in these films? Sidney Poitier was a super black with multiple degress in "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner."

This film will probably be successful because the pairing of an African American woman and a Caucasian man will not offend anyone. Leading black men, even Will Smith, still cannot love white women on screen because white men and black women are so offended it hurts the box office. And black men with black women will not draw whites to the box office. So we are left with black men and latinas on screen and now black women and white men. Race in America is still deeply disturbing, even in Hollywood. Photo Credit: Signey Baldwin, Focus Features
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Academy Awards Go Gay

The gay cowboy movie "Brokeback Mountain" received 8 Oscar nominations. The Truman Capote movie was also nominated. Outside of the gay theme, "Crash" was also nominated for best picture. Washington Post article
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Monday, January 30, 2006

SAG Awards "Crash"

"Crash" beat out "Brokeback Mountain" for the overall cast Screen Actors Guild Award. "Crash" had a stellar cast, including: Terrence Howard, Thandie Newton, Ludicrus, Don Cheadle, Sandra Bullock and Matt Dillon, among others. These awards are voted on by actors. Washington Post article
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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sly Stone Appears At Grammys

Sly Stone and some of the members of The Family Stone appeared at The Grammy Awards on February 8. Sly, 61, appeared in a silver coat, huge shades and a platinum skyhigh mohawk. He played keyboards on "I Want To Take You Higher" and mumbled a few lyrics. The Sly & The Family Stone tribute included performances by John Legend, Maroon 5, will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Sly & the Family Stone never received a Grammy Award. Never even nominated.
Washington Post article Photo: Legacy Recordings Good article: "Sly & Me" Answers.com on Sly & the Family Stone Sly on the Dick Cavett Show Live on Ed Sullivan Great Article
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CBS Creates CW From UPN & WB

Time Warner and CBS are combining their UPN and WB into a new network, The CW, that will launch in the Fall of 2006. The "C" is from CBS and the "W" is from Warner. Top UPN shows include "Everybody Hates Chris," "Girlfriends," and "Veronica Mars." Top WB shows include "Smallville," "Beauty & the Geek." Dawn Ostroff, the current president of UPN, will become president of entertainment at CW. Les Moonves heads CBS since the Jan 3 split of Viacom into two companies. Chicago Defender article
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Disney Purchases Pixar

The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar Animation Studios for $7.4 billion in stock ($59.78 per share). Pixar CEO Steve Jobs, creator of Apple Computers will join Disney's board. Disney owns theme parks, ABC and ESPN. Pixar made such blockbuster films as "Toy Story," "The Incredibles" and "Finding Nemo." Robert Iger is the Disney CEO.
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Monday, January 23, 2006

Underworld: Darwin's Darlings

Underworld Evolution stars the beautiful Kate Beckinsale as a Matrix-clad vampire in this sequel. The Death Dealers (vampires) are in a multi-century war with the Lycans (werewolves) and the computer generated images (CGI) are awesome. Of course there is also a genetically superior hybrid with both bat and wolf in him to spike the action. There is also plenty of gory violence, profanity and partial nudity. Nothing like a blue-eyed beauty in black tights with guns blazing to bring out the teenage boys.
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Friday, January 20, 2006

Matrix: Best Action Scenes Ever

In addition to the helicopter scenes in the first Matrix and the truck collision scene in the second film, the Sentinel invasion of the dock is arguably the best action scene in movie making history: 300k

The air conditions in the dock would have been an asthmatics' worst nightmare with gunpowder smoke engulfing the entire enclosure.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Golden Globes: 64th Annual Awards

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association awards the Golden Globes to honor achievements in film and television during the calendar year. For motion pictures, the HFPA currently presents awards in the following categories: Picture (Drama and Musical Or Comedy), Actor (Drama and Musical Or Comedy), Actress (Drama and Musical Or Comedy), Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Director, Screenplay, Original Score, Original Song, Foreign Film and the Cecil B. DeMille Award.
Awards for achievements not in motion pictures include: Television Series (Drama and Musical Or Comedy), Mini-Series Or Television Movie, Actor (Drama Series, Musical Or Comedy Series and Mini-Series Or Television Movie), Actress (Drama Series, Musical Or Comedy Series and Mini-Series Or Television Movie), Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

People's Choice Awards

The 32nd annual People's Choice Awards was hosted by Ellen DeGeneres on January 10, 2007 live from the Shrine Auditorium.
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Monday, January 09, 2006

Blade Runner: Genetics In L.A.

Blade Runner was a groundbreaking sci-fi movie for 1982. Harrison Ford was still ascending and Rutger Hauer, as Roy Batty (at left), never got a better role. The film is set in the industrial wasteland of Los Angeles in the year 2019 and fire belches out of smokestacks in a polluted sky where the sun can barely be seen because of the heavy, thick smog. There appears to be a constant acid rainfall in a congested landscape that looks like a combination of Hong Kong, Tokyo, and New York. The neon-lit, dark, downtown streets are populated by police, Asians, Spanish and street gangs. I don't remember seeing any blacks in this film.

The Tyrel Corporation is an industrial giant that makes Replicants. Four off-world Replicants, Roy Batty, Leon, Zhora and Pris, comandeer a space ship and return to Earth to see if their lifespans can be increased. Nexus 6 Combat Model Replicants are artificially created through genetic engineering. have a four year life span as a fail safe device, and are not mechanical robots, but rather more like clones. The short life span cannot be lengthened and after Roy kills his maker, he hunts Deckard but saves his life just before he dies. He releases a dove at his death.

Harrison Ford's 'Deckard' character falls for a specially made Replicant named Rachel and at the end of the movie they escape what will surely be attempts to 'retire' her. Unlike L.A., the scenery where they escape to is beautiful with sunshine and moutains in a pristine environment.
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Monday, January 02, 2006

AAEA Hollywood Movie Awards

Awards for 2005 Movies
Best Picture: Hustle & Flow
Best Actor: Terrence Howard
Best Actress: Thandie Newton (Crash)
Best Drama: Hustle & Flow
Best Actor in a Drama: Terrence Howard
Best Actress in a Drama: Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow)
Best Comedy Team: Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crasher)
Best Comedy: Guess Who
Best Actor in a Comedy: Vince Vaughn (acting black in Be Cool)
Best Actress in a Comedy: Jennifer Lopez (Monster-In-Law)
Director: Tim Story (Fantastic Four)
Best Action: Batman & Fantastic Four
Best Romance: King Kong
Best Romantic Comedy: Hitch
Best Moment: Fantastic Four, Thing's Black Girlfriend
List Your Picks
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