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Friday, December 14, 2007

What's Up With Tiki Barber on The Today Show?

Tiki Barber seems to have disappeared from "The Today Show." What's the story? Did he not work out? Did Al Roker feel threatened? What? They even moved Tiki to the new women's segment that starts at 9 Eastern time. Not there anymore either.

So it appears the producers and managers at the show do not know where to put Tiki or how to use him. He has been a correspondent for a few stories. That didn't last either. Well there is the presidential campaign. That could cover almost a year. Maybe Tiki doesn't want to get on the plane again though. Did Mat feel threatened? No way did Meredith feel threatened. Did Linny Boyette feel threatened by the running back? Tiki. Know we are out here wondering about ya and give AAEA a shout out sometime if or when they put you to good use.
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