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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hill & Knowlton Survey Attacks Video Game Industry

By Alan Smithee

The PR firm Hill & Knowlton issued a survey press release after they did not get a video game industry contract that said:

"H & K survey shows 60% of respondents agree that the government should regulate the sale of video games."

HELLO. And all hell broke loose. The Entertainment Sofware Association fired back:

"Hill & Knowlton's decision to release these findings was both
unprofessional and unethical."
OUCH. Oh well. AAEA wonders about H&K too, particularly about whether any Black professionals work over there. If you know let us know. The video game industry believes video games are protected as free speech and the companies who make them cannot be hold that they cannot be held liable for someone's reaction to them. (The Washington Post)
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