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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Donald Trump Avoids Africa & Bonding With Amarosa

By Holly Wood

[Okay. We know it is Omarosa] Africans in America have auditioned for the upcoming "The Apprentice Africa" and the love to be hated Amarosa helped with judging the interviews. Should be interesting viewing. Remember when Omarosa sabatoged the brother and made him lose? So we know she is up for a little black-on-black intrigue.

Mark Burnett is simply a Hollywood genius. He has milked every ounce of entertainment out of his "Island" and "Apprentice" franchises. Hey Mark, come on over here to AAEA and brand us. In this version contestants will live in a mansion in Nigeria and take orders from a Donald Trump replacement, Biodun Shobanjo and compete for a luxury car and a $200,000per year corporate job.

Update: Trump is not avoiding Omarosa on his new "Celebrity Apprentice." In fact, Omarosa (Amarosa gets Googled a lot) dodged sure firing on the first show because a shy model did not step up and call Hugh Hefner to buy a hot dog. And of course, Omarosa ate her alive. Nice show. Simmons is too cool.
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