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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hollywood Should Be Carbon Neutral

By Environment Man

Tinseltown and all of her productions should be carbon neutral. Everyone should know what that is by now so we will not explain it. Of course, AAEA wants to help Hollywood to completely eliminate its carbon footprint. We're talking about a lot of carbon dioxide offsets here. Hmmm. Where oh where will all of those credits come from? What about renewable and clean nuclear power? Well that is our plan. Click on the penguin to see how we plan to completely reduce the Hollywood Carbon Footprint (HCF).

Now if you prefer the stage back east in New York we also plan to supplement the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) with a Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Initiative (VGGI), pronounced "Veggie"). Clearly the signatory states will have trouble meeting their carbon dioxide reduction targets just as the signatories of the Kyoto Protocol are in meeting their targets. Although nuclear is not accepted in the RGGI program or the California Kyoto program, it will be perfectly acceptable in the VGGI we will establish.
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