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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Don Imus Breaks The "One Black" Rule

By Alan Smithee

First Barbara Walters on "The View" and now Don Imus. What is going on in America? Something's up. Don't they know that, even in organizations of as many as 100 people, you only hire one black just to cover the employment discrimination charge. Okay okay. Many companies have many Blacks, but we are talking about those sneaky outfits with racist leadership who would rather lose profits and resources than hire Blacks and contract with Black companies.

So Don Imus has gone way beyond this because his on air staff is less than 10 and he has two blacks. And Walters has two blacks on a team of five. Has she lost her mind? Don't they know that the Blacks have to be kept in their place by keeping them out of sight and keeping resources from them so they can continue to be victims? So that they can fulfill supremacist fantasies of superiority? So that the Negro remains dependent and negative in every health and economic indicator? Hell forget Imus' comments. His actions speak volumes. We are with you Don.

Oh. Anyway, I got so wrapped up in this that I forgot to mention 'the other Black.' It is Tony Powell. He grew up in Brooklyn New York and is a comic. Well let's see how it goes Tony. And don't forget to give a shout out to AAEA.
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