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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cheadle & Clooney Recognized With Nobel Award

Don Cheadle, right, and George Clooney, left, received an award from Nobel peace prize laureates for their campaign to help the people of Sudan's Darfur region. Brad Pitt, Clooney and Cheadle, co-stars in "Ocean's Thirteen," have used their celebrity status to keep attention on Darfur and have raised money for refugees through their "Not On Our Watch" charity. It is estimated that 200,000 people have been killed and millions uprooted in Darfur.

The conflict has pitted non-Arab rebel groups against the Khartoum government and Arab militia since 2003. The conflict also involves dark skin versus light skin civilians and combatants. Cheadle and Clooney were recognized by the Nobel laureates at the Peace Summit Award ceremony in Rome. Clooney, Cheadle and Pitt recently raised $10 million for Darfur at the Cannes film festival. Clooney and Cheadle are also featured in a recently released documentary on the conflict, "Darfur Now." (Reuters)
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