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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I AM LEGEND.............I am Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

By Alan Smithee.

I Am Legend is a science fiction horror film with the character Robert Neville as virtually the last human alive on earth except for infected humans who did not die but transformed into flesh eating (of course) vampire-like humanoids. Without giving up too much of the plot (see IMDb & Wikipedia), the film is based in New York City and everybody is dead except Neville, his dog and the humanoids. Yet the utilities still work. There is still electricity for the lights. Hmmm. Well we have the solution to this movie problem.

Indian Point nuclear power plant security and staff donned biohazard suits at the first news of the virus, instituted emergency lockdown and continued to generate electricity. It makes sense because no other utility plant has the security and exacting emergency response planning as nuclear power plants. So when the coal and natural gas-fired plants went down around town and in the Hudson River Valley, Indian Point kept enough electrons on the grid to keep the lights on in about 30 percent of New York City. Thus, even as nuclear power is a major solution to global climate change, it is a similar solution to the movie conundrum.
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