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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Live Earth: 7707

Live Earth is seven shows on seven continents on 7-7-07. Biblical in its symbols. Political in its purpose. Al Gore, left, is running for president without announcing. This is s billion dollar commercial for his campaign. It is brilliant. The Woodstock of global warming with Al Gore as the promoter. Concerts in 1) New York 2) London ( Wembley Stadium, right) 3) Johannasburg 4) Rio De Janeiro 5) Tokyo 6) Sydney & 7) Hamburg.

Gore is offering carbon offsets via Native Eenrgy based on wind, farm methane and a blend of international offsets. We are trying to promote offsets using nuclear power at our Green Carbon Bank. We also intend to offer general offsets from traditional sources such as wind and solar from our Carbon Mercantile Exchange.
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