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Monday, May 28, 2007

Unusual Sightings Of Asian Men Black Women Couples

Interracial coupling has been controversial. Laws were even passed to ban whites and blacks from marrying in the United States. Those laws were on the books until about 40 years ago. It is still a little unusual to see interracial black and white couples. That is why people still peek. Come on. You know you do. But you see black men with white women and white men with black women. You see white men with Asian women and black men with Asian women. But what you rarely if ever see are black women with Asian men.

So why do Asian men and black women avoid intimacy? Are their physical characteristics unattractive to each other. We know that love is blind and chemistry can hit anyone regardless of color lines. So why are black women and Asian men not hooking up? If you are a black woman or an Asian man and you see this, please let us know.

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