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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Garry Shandling Produced Best Bill Maher Show

The May 4, 2007 "Real Time With Bill Maher" was the best show of his HBO run. The panel was perfectly balanced. Former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. was serious, stoic and lucid. Sean Penn was your typical dissatified Hollywood type and Garry Shandling was totally on his game. We loved the "Larry Saunders Show," but Garry was in the zone on Maher's show. Maher knew it too and you could tell he was loving it. The show was so good we will definitely watch it again.

The seriousness of Ford combined with the Hollywoodness of Penn and the brilliance of Shandling produced awesome entertainment. Maher did not have to carry the show. In fact, all he had to do was enjoy the ride and look over at Shandling. Some people have complained about Robin Williams and Dana Carvey, but they were doing their routines. Shandling was inventing on the spot. Leveraging what was there and running with it. He also provided real insight into the serious issues without losing his comedic edge. Great job Garry.
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