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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Elvis Presley Copied Sly Stone Costumes & Sideburns

Elvis Presley was The King but Sly Stone is the Emperor. The Emperor is still rocking 30 years after The King stopped. Clearly Elvis saw Stone in concert and started copying his style. Those Vegas-style jumpsuits were right out of Sly's closet. Except for the hat. Elivs was not into hats. Stone was always into hats. Anyway, the proof is in the pictures. Look at Sly's outfit, left, and at Elvis', right. Elvis clearly copied Sly.

Elivs copied black artists during his entire career. He, like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, was quick to credit the influence. Elvis became the coolest white entertainer by copying blacks. Elvis was Chuck Berry without the guitar licks and Little Richard without the, well, Little Richard. But El had that voice. Nobody could take that voice from him even in the end when he was struggling with weight and drugs. How in the world did Sly outlive Elvis by at least 30 years. Back in 1970 nobody would have made that bet. Presley's drug use was hidden until he died, whereas Sly showed up high (cute and popular at the time) at many venues.
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