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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Michael Vick Should Not Be Destroyed Over Dog Fighting

Michael Vick's career should not be ended over his horrible hobby. If he is given jail time it should be in the offseason. He should be fined severely for the crime if he is found guilty. He will lose endorsement deals over this trespass. But it is ridiculous that more attention is being paid to this than to the crisis of crime, assaults and murders in America's cities. The Humane Society and PETA activists are more upset about this than they are about Black-on-Black assaults and murder. An unruly mob is calling for Vick to be suspended by the NFL pending the trial. What next? Throwiung nooses at Falcon's games.

Dog fighting is illegal, stupid and extremely cruel, particularly when the losing dog is electrocuted or otherwise killed. Of course, professional football, if you think abou it, is stupid and cruel too. And Vick gets paid big time to do that.

Fight dogs are specifically bred and trained to fight. Two dogs are placed in a pit to fight for the spectators' gambling and entertainment for about an hour until one of the dogs is no longer willing or able to continue. American pit bull terriers are used in the majority of these fights. Dog fighting is a felony in the United States.
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