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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Defending Kanye West: He Is Operating In A Very Hostile Environment

By Environment Man

Kanye West's latest episode with the paparazzi is proof positive that he represents the endangered species called 'black males.'  His woman was threatened in the most vile of racist ways and he responded accordingly by giving a beat-down to the 18-year old Nazi.  But said beat-down is making the Nazi the victim and Kanye will either pay the Nazi or his own and the Nazi's attorneys to make this go away.  I'm on Kanye's side all the way on this one and if I had to pay a million dollars to settle this matter, it would all be worth it.  [Note to Nazis - - Kanye is going to fight you.]

I agree with Ebony magazine writer Damon Young:
"There is nothing strange or un-understandable about a man coming to the defense of his woman after she was insulted and physically threatened. And, when you include the racial element -- Kim was reportedly called a “nigger-lover” -- it becomes even more understandable. Was he right to do that? Maybe. Maybe not. Right “in the moment” and right “from a distance” are two different types of rights. And, as much as we want to theorize or speculate about what they should have done, moments requiring an immediate fight or flight response have a way of overriding logic."

Black women and white men probably hate Kanye for 'being' with a white woman.  Kanye's and Kim's outsized personalites make them prime targets for aggressors.  And what better aggressor is there in Hollywood than the paparazzi Nazi pimp using the paparazzi for his own designs?  Kimye's antoganist pimped them and the paparazzi to GET PAID. 

I'm with you Kanye and Kim.  Yours is the tough path.  I just hope your marriage can withstand the external pressures.  Marriage is challenging enough by jut withstanding the intracouple conflicts. (Ebony, 1/15/2014)
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