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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do Celebrities Worship Themselves?

By Alan Smithee

Everybody likes to see their own image (hopefully). But does it cross the line with celebrities? Are celebrities too involved with their own images to the point that it represents worship. Oh most probably believe in God, but do their day to day activities related to promoting and grooming themselves, in fact, represent the real source of their worshipful affection? I suspect that self-worship kind of comes with the territory in being a celebrity. More or less a job requirement.

But now that ANYBODY can be a celebrity, regardless of talent level or appearance, what does this occupationally-induced self worship really mean to the famous and to the public? It means that many celebrities are miserable because they can never live up to the perceived image of an earth-bound diety. Thus, drugs, drink, women and a losing battle with the mirror. Elvis, Michael, Marilyn and more. The public is always let down because the self worshipping celebrity is programmed to fail because a faux diety has no other alternative for their fans (worshippers). The bigger the star, the bigger the pill. Now we are sure that many celebrities submit to the one real God, but the allure of one's self image was even too much for some angels. What chance does a mere mortal celebrity have against such temptation. I guess we still want our star on the Walk of Fame.
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