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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrity: Washington, D.C. and Hollywood & New York

Editor's Corner

By Environment Man

Acting is pretending. To be someone else. Even as most just act like themselves when taking on a character. Although there are a few really good character actors out there. So Hollywood manufactures illusion. Billions of dollars worth each year. The factories in Hollywood have great workers and great producers who risk it all for fame and riches. Pretending is very big business.

Politics includes a lot of pretending too. A policy position can be a moving target for a politician. Part of the profession has to include representing the views of constituents even when you do not believe in the position. Is that acting? Washington, D.C. deals in trillions of dollars and there is nothing pretentious about national security. Except maybe overselling the Iraq War with the notion of WMDs. Although Israelis sleep much better without Saddam. And Barack Obama could have been a huge movie star. Don't you think?

Ronald Reagan fused the two worlds like never before. Maybe the President Obama will become a movie star after he leaves office. The Terminator governs the biggest state in the Union. And Wall Street went Hollywood with all kinds of illusions, then turned to Washington, D.C. to cover its box office losses. Anyway. Enough for now. I love travelling between Washington, D.C. and Hollywood. And Washington, D.C. and New York. Now I just need to make the connection of travelling between Hollywood and New York. Then connect the traingle from Washington, D.C. to Hollywood to New York.

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