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Monday, October 26, 2009

Will Comcast Purchase NBC Universal?

By Holly Wood

I don't usually like to get too deeply into the business side of the business, but this deal is just irresistible.

Comcast is the largest cable system operator in the country and is seeking to buy a majority stake from General Electric. Our spies are reporting that a Comcast-NBC Universal deal is going to happen. Hmm. Now Vivendi will have to figure out what to do with its 20% ownership in General Electric's NBC Universal within this tranaction.

Comcast would make an offer of about $27 billion, creating a new separate enterprise that takes on $9 billion in debt while Comcast would contribute its cable channels, including E Entertainment, the Style Network and the Golf Channel, along with other channels and its local sports networks worth about $6 billion. Comcast would give, by some estimates, $6 billion to Vivendi for its 20 percent share of NBC Universal, and then own 51 percent of the enterprise and use cash flow to gradually buy out G.E. Stay tuned. (CNBC)
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