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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Larry David Provides Last 'Black' Chance For KKKramer

[See Update]

Black people had their doubts about "Seinfeld," because there were no Blacks on the show until the end of the run when they put on only one recurring Black character, Jackie Chiles - the lawyer, as what appeared to be a token gesture due to the criticism. Black people have had no such reservations about Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiam" because David casually integrated Blacks into his reality sitcom without any pretense.

Now the 2009 season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" includes a 'tongue-in-cheek' "Seinfield" reunion. Yet the 'X' factor is Cosmo Kramer because of his use of the racist term 'NIGGER' in a rant at one of his stand-up routines. Many Black folks liked "Seinfeld" for the characters just as they liked "Lucy" and "The Beverly Hillbillies," but when Kramer went David Duke, all bets were off. Plus, "Seinfeld" is ancient history so who gave a s--t? Now this reunion thing on "Curb Your Enthusiasm." No better time than now to reform the Kramer character. And no better person to do it than Larry David. Black people like David because he seamlessly integrated Black folks into his crazy world. His bringing the Vivica Fox family into his home has been brilliant. The 'real black guy' (Leon Black) is as hilarious as when Larry hooked up with the black prostitute. David GETS black people and black people know it. Howard Stern and Bill Maher get the same pass.

So reviewers reviewed the first three available episodes, where they said Kramer was not too visible, but the real question is: will Larry David use his 'black street cred' to reform KKKramer? Our guess is that the David crew will use this as an opportunity to reform Kramer. Our guess is that Vivica A. Fox and 'the real black dude' (Leon Black) will be used to 'bring Kramer back.' We also would not be surprised to see Wanda Sykes included in the exorcism.
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