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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama Waffles: Satire or Racism? Maybe Some of Both?

When you go to the Obama Waffles page you get a WARNING:

"This site contains humor, parody, political satire, and a few other forms of speech enjoyed by Americans thanks to the First Amendment. If you're cool with that ENTER HERE. If political satire and humor are not your thing, or if you just need more fiber in your diet, pick your exit: EXIT LEFT/EXIT RIGHT."
They actually sell waffles. They even tell you that if you buy two orders, you get one free. They even have a picture of Michelle Obama asking you to order now..."They're selling like hotcakes."

This is a takeoff on Aunt Jemima pankakes and Uncle Ben's Rice. Well at least they give you a warming.

Well they have a BLOG too. Probably the more attention this gets, the more money they will make.

Hey, let us know what you think?

And check out the video as the creators try to explain themselves:

Link to this article