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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Duane "Dog" Chapman Calls Us The N-Word In Private

By Alan Smithee

So Duane (Dog the Bounty Hunter) Chapman, right, whips out the N-word in private huh? Surprise surprise. We suspected that many whites did this, but now we have confirmation. He did not know that he was being taped (and he says it so well). He was describing his feelings about his son covorting with a female of the Negro persuasion and warning the young hombre that if she heard them saying the N-word that it would hurt his career. Well Dog, if Imus is any indication, it will probably HELP your career. You will go from being marginally known to being known by everybody. Imus got a few months off, a reported $20 million payoff, and will get a new radio show soon. And he didn't even say nigger (oops).

So relax. You know you aint gonna stop saying it in private anyway. We bet you say it real well too. The way many whites can get that eerrrr in the word. We know that most whites see Blacks as a lower species and it is a social stigma to be an N-word lover. In some circles, even outside of hillbilly trailer parks, it is absolutely the lowest thing a white can be. And whether a creationist or an evolutionist, whites still find a way to make Blacks lower. Is that dark skin really THAT distracting? Now run get Rev Sharpton, apologize, and pledge to repent from this particular habit. And don't forget the promotions and salary raises that will follow. Represent.

Duane 'Dog' Chapman show is on A&E, which is 37.5% owned by Walt Disney Co, 37.5% by Hearst Corp and 25% by NBC Universal, a unit of General Electric Co.

Top Ten Advertisers on 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Jan-Jun 2007

1. Dr. Frank's Joint & Muscle
2. Yum Brands (Taco Bell, KFC & Pizza Hut)
3. Reckitt Benckiser
4. Direct Holdings Worldwide
5. Senior Lending Network
6. Country Home Products
7. Johnson & Johnson
8. PolyMedica
9. Ameriprise Financial
10. Alltel

Sources: TNS Media Intelligence, The Wall Street Journal
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