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Monday, October 15, 2007

Rissi Palmer: Black Country Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist

AAEA loves country music. AAEA has always loved country. AAEA will always like country music. AAEA was country before it was cool (still not in the Black community). Now a new star is rising in the country sky: Rissi Palmer, a black country singer, songwriter, instrumentalist. We like country music and we like her music (Her MySpace site). We just hope she will agree to do a duet with our very own Environment Man. Now that dude IS country.

Thanks to LaShawn Barber and her Corner for reminding us to write an article about Rissi. We read The Wall Street Journal article too. LaShawn loves Rissi and country music. We are not surprised because Barber is one of those nonKool-Aid drinking Blacks who has a distinct tendency to consistently wander off of the plantation.
Link to this article