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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bluetooth & the Brothers

Is it us or do the brothers 'play' the bluetooth more than others? The only people we see walking around with the bluetooth, for the most part, are the brothers. Of course, it does make sense as a fashion statement. And the brothers are into fashion. You know. Cool. So maybe the brothers see it as cool. Or maybe it makes some feel or look more important. Maybe it is the appearance of being busy. Wheeling and dealing. Working hard. Nothing wrong with that.

For some reason, we do not think it is cool though. It is pretentious. It is similar to the people that talk too loud on their cell phone because they are convinced that others are fascinated with whatever they are talking about. If you're not talking, then take the bluetooth out. We are close enough to the Star Trek Borg without these bluetoothers looking like the "Brother From Another Planet."
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