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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Inside Man

Inside Man is a very good film and Spike Lee's first $100 million movie. And for a film about a bank robbery in Manhattan that involves 50 hostages, no one gets killed (except in a fantasy sequence, a faked murder and in a kid's video game). In fact, the head bank robber bemoans the killing he sees in the kid's hand held video game. Imagaine an anti-killing bank robbery film. Google the film if you want standard reviews but we have two observations that probably will not be covered.

First is the digging in the bank to find a sewer line. Without giving away the film, suffice it to say that the line is needed for a specific purpose. I am just curious though about whether such a line would flood the room once breached. How much pressure is there in Manhattan sewer lines? And what about sewer gas? Wouldn't the antagonist be overcome by the methane?

Second, Hollywood bends over backwards to keep black men away from sexual situations with white women. The onscreen heat between Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster, above, almost melts the screen with them just talking. Yet this sexual dynamic is not explored because of studio sensitivities to negative reactions from white males and black females, which could translate into lower box office. Of course, contrary to such expectations, it could actually add to the box office. It would also reflect reality because such interactions are common, particulary in New York.
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