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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tiger Woods Can't Keep Ignoring Racial Slights

By Alan Smithee

Tiger Woods and Barack Obama are beloved by white people because they have the 'acceptable black' thing working for them. Nothing wrong with that. But not even Tiger and Barack can avoid, notwithstanding their lofty status as American icons, racial slights. We've all experienced them. You know the "did I pronounce Schwarzenegger right" comments (television commentators love to use Arnold to slip it in). Or the example, story or other excuse to get the word nigger said in front of you. And as hard as Barack tries to be the colorless candidate, the media insists on describing his race at the same time they brag about his transcendence of race. Go figure. Yet we at AAEA at not confused at all.

Tiger. These slights are not going to go away. In fact, the more you quickly excuse them, the more and faster they will come. Sneaky little slights to reduce you. To 'put you in your place.' Let's be clear: expressions to not only reduce you but to vicariously express their superiority. Of course we know it all comes from some curious and deep seeded insecurity, but that is their problem. You quickly came to the defense of Fuzzy Zeller over the watermelon and chicken comments. Now you've bailed out Kelly Tilghman over the lynching comment. Will you also rush to Golfweek's rescue for putting a noose on its cover? Come on Tiger. Can't you see that you are under racial attack? If you don't want to stand up for the race, at least stand up for yourself. Be a man. Kick a little ass and you will be left alone or at least generate some real fear that if you get bitten that you just might bite back. Keep giving a pass and a rich and powerful guy like you will continue to be reduced to, well, you know, the 'N-Word.'
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