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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sly Outdoes Original 'Thank You' With New 'Thank You'

By Environment Man

I never would have thought that anyone could or would try to top Sly & The Family Stone's "Thank You."  Then again, what better person to achieve it than the originator of "Thank You," Sly Stone himself.  In his 2011 release, "I'm Back! Family & Friends," Sly revamps "Thank You" and ramps it up at least 33%.  Everything is firing more potently.

The energy level is raised on the new version as to  render the original version as just an incredible Top 10 hit.  The new version lifts the 60's hit to a cult like status. In other words, there is 'the Stone sound,' but Sly got back on his game by elevating his own greatist hit, "Thank You."

Oh. And there is that unadvertised "Music Lover" at the end of the Dance To The Music Extended Version.  Sly has left a lasting legacy if this is to be his last disk.  Put out your best stuff while you're still alive, Sly.  Cause you know they are going to put it out after you are gone.
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