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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Comedy Central Rally To Restore Sanity and /or Fear

By Environment Man, Holly Wood & Alan Smithee

[as observed live on C-SPAN]

The first hour of the rally was a concert with The Roots and John Legend. And just as they 'killed' during Earth Day on the National Mall, they 'killed' again.  Captain Kirk rocking the Capitol Jimi Hendrix style was particularly appealing.  Oh how Eman salivates to have the Roots and Captain Kirk back him on his set one day.  But we digress.

John Stewart and Stephen Colbert organized the 3rd intriguing rally of 2010 following the Glenn Beck rally and the One Nation rally.

The Adam Savage 'Mythbusters' experiment routines were cute. The wave and the seismic crowd jump were interesting.

Host John Stewart came out around 1 p.m.  The singing of the National Anthem by '4 Troops' was a surprise.  John called for 'no littering' and to leave the Natiaonal Mall 'cleaner than we found it.'  Stewart said a rally is based on two things: 1) color and 2) size.  He concluded that the rally was a perfect sampling of the American people.  Stephen Colbert ("The Colbert Report") is a nut and came out of nowhere saying he was 'trapped in his fear bunker' 2,000 feet below the stage.  Colbert simulated the ascent of the rescued coal miners in Chile in that FENIX capsule.  He was dressed in an Evil Knievel red, white and blue outfit with a blue and red cap.  Now THAT was an entrance. Colbert is a true nut and a great performer.  Imagine John Stewart as the straight man.  THAT is how over the top Colbert is in that get up and in his routine about the killer bees covered in peanut butter (to threaten people with peanut butter allergies).

Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello) gave a benediction.

Cheryl Crow and Kid Rock rocked.  Ozzy Osbourn rocked too, for a minute. The interspersed video clips were just weird.

A podium was brough out for John Stewart to give the keynote address.  Stephen Colbert interrupted with counterpoint.  And a podium was brought out for Colbert.

Kareem Abdul Jubbar represented the American Muslim community.  R2D2 represented the machines.

Mavis Staples and Tony Bennett were excellent.

John Stewart gave a pretty good closing speech (below).  Everybody came back onstage for the finale.

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