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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Environment Man To Play Gig at Stewart - Colbert Rally?

Comedy Central, which is owned by Viacom, will stage a National Mall Rally on October 30, that will feature both its late-night hosts, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. "The Daily Show's" Stewart announced on his show that his Rally to Restore Sanity, a.k.a. a Million Moderate March is:
"a rally for the people who've been too busy to go to rallies, who actually have lives and families and jobs (or are looking for jobs), not so much the Silent Majority as the Busy Majority."
Stephen Colbert counters:
"On October 30, 2010, I am calling for the nation to join me on the Washington Mall for the March to Keep Fear Alive. Shame on you, Jon Stewart -- America cannot afford a rally to restore sanity in the middle of a recession. . . . Did you even consider how many panic-related jobs that might cost most of us in the fear-industrial complex?"
Although the permit has not yet been issued, there aren't any hugely outstanding issues that would prevent or bar the signing of a permit. Although both Stewart and Colbert mentioned the Mall in their announcements, the permit application is for the north side of the Washington Monument grounds -- which does not include the Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool or what is known as the Mall. Of course, that would put the White House in the background of the rally.
Although not yet confirmed, it is rumored that Environment Man's agent is in negotiations for him to play his 3-song set at the rally. Eman's three-song set includes:
1) "Mother Nature: You Were Always On My Mind,"

2) "Lisa Jackson," and

3) "Global Warming/Climate Change."

(Wash Post, 9/18/2010)
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