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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Will Lady Gaga Go Green With Environment Man?

By Holly Wood

Rumor has it that Eman, left, and Lady Gaga, right, have been cutting some monster tracks at Electric Ladyland Studios. Trying to maintain secrecy, Eman and Lady Gaga have been keeping a low profile in order to concentrate on the songs and videos. Clearly this collaboration will be the hottest thing to come out of Gagaland ever (if the rumors are real). Eman is attempting to enlist Lady G to join the fight against global warming. Our spies tell us that the duo are rerecording Eman's monster video "Global Warming/Climate Change." With Gaga's presentation and Eman's imagination, it will have to be something to behold.

Just as Lady Gaga was going to do some opening shows for Michael Jackson at London's O Arena, so too, we are hearing that Eman will do some opening sets for Gaga. Just one or two songs. Eman likes to get in and get out. It is rumored that Eman will rework "Susie Senstive" to "Lady Gaga" as an opening set song. And before you ask, there is no romance swirling between these two. I have special access to Eman and he has told me that he is committed to his chastity and I know he is not interested in marrying. Although our spies can neither confirm nor deny that TMZ paparazzi have photos of him consorting with Serena, Sandra and Elin around Tinseltown. Regardless, I can't wait to hear the track(s), see the video(s) and see the live gigs. This team will surely 'blow the roof off the sucker.'
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