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Friday, July 09, 2010

Go Green Sex

By Susie Centsativ

Go Green Sex: 12 Techniques, Toys and Accessories That are Bad for the Environment

Sure you recycle, but there are several sex-related issues that may be bad for the planet. If you engage in sex regularly and are concerned for the environment, stop practicing these outdated items that are causing harm to Mother Nature.

1. Using standard lubes.
Nearly every one has lube in their goodie drawer. Standard lubes contain everything from silicones to surfactant molecules and parabens. With the boom of organic products on the market, it was only a matter of time before lube fell into the mix and rightfully so, since it can end up inside of you. Sensua Organics created a line of organic lube that’s available in a non-flavor variety, as well as an array of flavors.
2. Having sex with the lights on (all of the time).
Here’s a simple way to save the planet – do the deed with the lights out. If you have a hankering for seeing your lover while in play, feel free to have an afternoon session when the room is lit up through natural light.
3. Vibrators that use batteries.
There’s another way to power up a vibrator and it uses the sun. Prior to this you had to rely on batteries to get yourself going, only to run through them and have the batteries end up in a landfill somewhere. Just when you thought you’d seen everything, along comes a clever little bullet vibrator that is powered by the sun. Set the Solar Bullet vibrator out in a discreet place for a few hours and you’ll be ready for an hour of pleasure. The Solar Bullet is also packaged to meet the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.
4. PVC-based sex toys.
Many sex toys are made of PVC (polyvinyl chlorides) and often contain phthalates. The former is hard on the environment, while the latter is hard on humans and has been banned from many toy manufacturers. However, the adult toy industry doesn’t have regulations imposed on it, so some companies are taking matters into their own hands. Big Teaze Toys has taken this into account since the beginning. Their toys are all phthalates free since the designer worked at Mattel for several years (oh the irony!).
5. Vinyl or jelly toys.
These also usually contain phthalates and are available in abundance at sex toy shops. While the hot pink jelly dildo may be enticing, consider going with glass. Smooth glass dildos are eco-friendly and often made by independent companies in the U.S., so you’re supporting the planet and sex toys made on home soil. Check out the wide array of glass dildos at Earth Erotics.
6. Using petroleum-based massage gels.
If you love to caress your lover, there are many eco-friendly products on the market. Look for natural oils and soy products to get things moving along. These items are all-natural and do not rely on fossil fuels to be made. There are also candles that convert to soy massage oil after lit. Most of these items can be found at a local health food store or in the eco section of a standard sex shop.
7. Using condoms that test on animals.
Trojan, one of the leading condom makers, tests on animals. Swap your condoms for the Glyde America variety. These fair-trade condoms are made in Malaysia where workers are paid fair wages and are never tested on animals.
8. Frou frou lingerie.
Sure, you want to break out the corset and garter belts every month, but for the most part, women are in their around-the-house clothes before doing the deed. Make your sex experience eco-friendly by donning organic nighties on a regular basis. Most are just as stylist as slips, camisoles and panties found in the lounge area of lingerie or department stores. Retailers like Figleaves and Nordstrom both stock a plentiful supply of organic underthings for men and women.
9. Using the Pill.
Many women reach for the Pill, but it isn’t the most environmental choice. The IUD is just as effective at preventing pregnancy and doesn’t harm our waters with synthetic estrogen, which has been known to find is way to water and change the gender of fish. Latex or lambskin condoms should always be used to practice safe sex and should be disposed of properly, which means throwing them in the garbage, not flushing them down the toilet.
10. Using non-organic sheets.
Go for a roll in the hay with organic sheets. Non-organic sheets usually contain dyes and pesticides that are harmful to the Earth. Look for organic bamboo sheets, which will wick away the sweat as you get your groove on. These sheets are as soft and luxurious as high thread count sheets. Bamboo is also naturally anti-bacterial. There’s also organic cotton and hemp silk for eco-friendly options that will make your bedroom ready for play.
11. Porn…yes, we said it.
Porn isn’t bad for the environment, but it does suck up energy whether it’s on your DVD player or the Internet. Instead of plugging up every time you and your partner want a sexy image, kill the lights, light plenty of candles and talk about your fantasies. This is an eco-friendly way to get your juices flowing while conserving energy.
12. Don’t be a cheapskate.
Be ready to spend when it comes to eco-friendly sex. There’s no way to have organic lube and PVC-free sex toys without spending a solid dime. Like with the sticker shock we encounter at Whole Foods, you may find the eco-friendly sex accessories to be well above the price you’re used to paying for such things. Ultimately, it’s your health and the state of the planet that’s paying, so pony up and get your priorities straight.
Going green when it comes to sex is easy to implement and will be beneficial for your sex life and the planet.

(Source: Masters In Public Administration)
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