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Monday, July 05, 2010

Eman Finds Evidence of Prawn Return in South Africa

By Environment Man

When I traveled to South Africa in April, I had a secret meeting with Wikus van de Merwe in his converted prawn state. He was lucid, but depressed. We met in District 10. He informed me that the 2.5 million prawns were preparing for the return of their brethren. He was also optimistic that Christopher would keep his promise to convert him back to his human form. Christopher told Wikus the process would take three years. I brought Wikus some cat food and that seemed to please him.

We got down to business about the return of the prawns from their home planet. The malfunction that stranded almost two million of them here surely would not happen again. And the mistreatment of the prawns could lead to some animosity on the part of the returning group. Their technology is clearly superior to ours. The xenophobia, social segregation and experimentation meted upon the prawns are inexcuseable. And though South African officials and other world leaders are very nervous about the return, it has not led to more acceptance for the prawns left behind.

I met with representatives of Multinational United (MNU), the private military company hired by the South African government to manage the prawns. MNU still manages District 10 and there is some controversy about rumors that Halliburton is the power behind MNU. I must admit to some interest concerning the marketing of the prawn weaponry. I oppose the genetics experiments related to trying to get the weapons to work for humans though. MNU's illegal experiments on the aliens were exposed before Christopher left in the mothership and the experiment administrators were prosecuted.
I probably should not admit that I met with the Nigerian gang warlord who replaced Obesandjo, who was killed by Wikus with the alien mechanized battle suit, but I am interested in possibly marketing the alien mechanized battle suit.

Anyway, Wikus told me that the prawns have communications gear and that a group of ships will be returning with millions of prawns. He would not tell me whether the return would be friendly or hostile. He said he did not know because he was not completely trusted. My guess is that, at a minimum, they will get their brethren prawns. The question is: will they attack South Africa or the citizens of the Earth?
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