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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Donald Trump Builds 'Green' Golf Resort in Puerto Rico

By Korben Dallas

The project Trump International Golf Club & Residences, Puerto Rico (TIPR) has already established itself as one the top golf courses and residential resorts in the Caribbean, the property’s focus has been on a different kind of “green” of late - that of eco-friendly development.

Donald J. Trump states,

“At the Trump Organization, we are always ahead of the curve with every one of our projects.” He continues, “Today, our goal as one of the largest real estate companies in the world is to be conscious of the impact development has on the environment and to proceed accordingly; and we’re very proud that our property in Puerto Rico is taking this initiative so seriously.”

ENERGY CONSERVATION: Trump International Golf Club and Residences, Puerto Rico (TIPR) will take the following steps to initiate the use of alternative energy:

Solar Cells: TIPR is studying the use of solar panels to power a great portion of the club house. They are also organizing solar-power packages that will be available for the Estate Homes. The use of solar power lowers the dependency on fossil fuel and reduces the carbon emissions released into the environment from energy plants. Since solar technology is now blooming, the developers are able to offer Estate Home owners packages that are tailored to their desires.

Owners of the estate homes will have their choice of three energy efficient packages, but all will have some form of solar power:

100% Solar Powered Home: All energy included water heaters, air conditioning, appliances, etc. will be powered by solar.
50% Solar Powered Home: About half of all full power needs of the estate home will be powered by solar.
“Living Area” Solar Power: Air conditioning and Kitchen appliances powered by solar panels.
A Personal Hydrogen Refueling Station for the Estate Homes is also available (see below).
Hydrogen: TIPR is introducing Hydrogen to their property. Using solar technology to power a Hydrogen Refueling Station creates a personal power and fuel source. The Hydrogen created can then be used to power a vehicle and an electric generator. Hydrogen is being used to power the new prototype vehicles from BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Toyota and VW to name a few. Additionally, the hydrogen created is stored in tanks which can be used as a generator in the event of a hurricane, huge storm or if one has a demand for more electricity.

Air-conditioning: TIPR’s Founders’ Villas (the first of which are now complete) do not run on expensive, high-energy central air-conditioning. They use lower electric consumption since the air conditioning units cool just the areas one would need at any moment in time. Not only do the units have the ability to be turned off and on; which saves large amounts of energy, they are also specifically energy-efficient units; more so than similar comparisons.

POLLUTION REDUCTION: During the development of the project, TIPR required from the contractors the implementation of pollution control measures to prevent or minimize impacts on the environment. As part of the mitigation measures, silk fences, hay bales, and truck cleaning areas have been installed to minimize soil erosion and final disposal of solids into the water bodies.

CONSERVATION OF MANGROVES: Trump International Golf Club and Residences, Puerto Rico has established a total of 90.1 acres of Mangrove and Wetland Areas as a conservation easement. To secure the protection of these acres of land, Coco Beach has prepared a title deed that includes the 91 acres dedicated as a Perpetuity Natural Reserve.

WATER TREATMENT: The Coco Beach Utility Corp. (previous name of the property) owns and operates a water treatment and recycling plant, with a capacity of over one (1.0) million gallons per day. This plant produces the fertilized water that is used to irrigate the golf course. With the water storage facility of over 16 million gallons, Coco Beach Utility Corp is capable of self maintaining the golf course for over 2 months in case of a dry season. By eliminating the need for potable water, Coco Beach Utility Corp is reducing the consumption of valued portable water supplies.

LANDSCAPING: The master plan of TIPR started with the implementation of 4,000 new trees, and continued with an additional implementation of 2,000 trees and palms and 900 transplanted trees.
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