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Friday, July 30, 2010

The District 9 Exo-Suit

The Exo-suit is a very sophisticated piece of alien weaponry, essentially a larger-than-life mechanized suit of armor controlled by its wearer. The Exo-suit was the star of the movie during the film’s 12-minute climactic battle sequence (video below). (ItsArtMag)

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We Love Janet Jackson's New Fur Ad

By Holly Wood and Corben Dallas

Actress and pop superstar Janet Jackson has revealed a new ad campaign with fur label Blackglama. Ms. Jackson is participating in Blackglama's 'What Becomes a Legend Most?' campaign. The ads feature pictures of Jackson taken by photographer Rocco Laspata and will run in Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and other magazines. Jackson will also appear on a BlackGlama Billboard above Times Square in New York City.

Janet Jackson is a megastar and a triple-threat talent who can act, sing and dance. In addition to longevity (star since childhood), Jackson's recent performances on American Idol, at the Essence Music Festival and movie role as Dr. Patricia in "Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?" clearly show that she is as vital and productive as ever.

Fur is a renewable resource, just like chicken and fish. Mink is a renewable resource and we are confident that, to the extent possible, Blackglama, like other meat producers, is humane in the production of its product. Mink procured by Blackglama comes from American Legend Cooperative. All mink procured by American Legend Cooperative originates from Origin Assured (OA) farms, which should adhere to strict governemental and agricultural guidelines and regulations that govern mink production. The company claims that the 'highest standard of humane care is utilized.'

In addition to the renewable resource aspect of fur, AAEA supports Blacks in particular wearing the product because they were denied access to furs for centuries. Due to the unfortunate economic repression of Blacks in America for centuries, they could not afford to purchase expensive furs. Just as Blacks can now afford waterfront properties and are gaining the capability to participate as owners in resource production, certain conservationists want to deny Blacks the freedom to express themselves in the marketplace. Some want to close off waterfront areas, even as their ancestors own massive waterfront properties and have two boats and piers. To critics of Blacks who wear fur, consider that maybe these Blacks should be allowed to consume some before you demand that they conserve. To the extent that you reject this contention, then we must reject and ignore your complaints.

In the USA, fur farmers are regulated by their state department of agriculture and must operate under federal environmental standards, such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Fur farmers have also developed a comprehensive set of their own standards, in consultation with veterinarians and animal scientists, to ensure the highest quality of animal husbandry. These standards are administered by Fur Commission USA, which is also responsible for ensuring they are revised and updated whenever required by current knowledge of animal care and farm management techniques. (OA) Fur Commission USA is a non-profit association representing over 600 mink farmers in the United States.
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Monday, July 26, 2010


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Book Eman Today

Environment Man is available for gigs. His 10-minute, 3-song set is the perfect supplement to your environmental or energy-themed event. Agent: Patricia Green

His current set list is viewable below:

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sprint's New Green Restore Cell Phone

Sprint has an expanding portfolio of green devices and accessories. Currently, Sprint offers three green devices available in the U.S.: 1) Samsung Reclaim, 2) LG Remarq, and Sprint’s latest device, 3) the Samsung Restore. The Samsung Restore has an eco-friendly design without sacrificing the latest technology. Designed with the avid texter in mind, the stylish phone boasts a QWERTY keyboard and one-step access to social networking sites, while maintaining strict environmental standards.

The phone casing contains 27 percent post-consumer recycled plastics and the device as a whole is 84 percent recyclable.

Like all of Sprint’s green devices, the Restore meets strict RoHS standards and has low levels of PVC, BFRs, Phthalates, Beryllium.

The packaging is 100 percent recyclable, printed with soy ink and features a cardboard box made from 70 percent post consumer materials. The Samsung Restore is available for $49.99 with a new two-year service agreement, after a $50 mail-in rebate. Hi resolution images of the Samsung Restore are available upon request.

The Center is not endorsing the device and has not been compensated for this advertisement.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Donald Trump Builds 'Green' Golf Resort in Puerto Rico

By Korben Dallas

The project Trump International Golf Club & Residences, Puerto Rico (TIPR) has already established itself as one the top golf courses and residential resorts in the Caribbean, the property’s focus has been on a different kind of “green” of late - that of eco-friendly development.

Donald J. Trump states,

“At the Trump Organization, we are always ahead of the curve with every one of our projects.” He continues, “Today, our goal as one of the largest real estate companies in the world is to be conscious of the impact development has on the environment and to proceed accordingly; and we’re very proud that our property in Puerto Rico is taking this initiative so seriously.”

ENERGY CONSERVATION: Trump International Golf Club and Residences, Puerto Rico (TIPR) will take the following steps to initiate the use of alternative energy:

Solar Cells: TIPR is studying the use of solar panels to power a great portion of the club house. They are also organizing solar-power packages that will be available for the Estate Homes. The use of solar power lowers the dependency on fossil fuel and reduces the carbon emissions released into the environment from energy plants. Since solar technology is now blooming, the developers are able to offer Estate Home owners packages that are tailored to their desires.

Owners of the estate homes will have their choice of three energy efficient packages, but all will have some form of solar power:

100% Solar Powered Home: All energy included water heaters, air conditioning, appliances, etc. will be powered by solar.
50% Solar Powered Home: About half of all full power needs of the estate home will be powered by solar.
“Living Area” Solar Power: Air conditioning and Kitchen appliances powered by solar panels.
A Personal Hydrogen Refueling Station for the Estate Homes is also available (see below).
Hydrogen: TIPR is introducing Hydrogen to their property. Using solar technology to power a Hydrogen Refueling Station creates a personal power and fuel source. The Hydrogen created can then be used to power a vehicle and an electric generator. Hydrogen is being used to power the new prototype vehicles from BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Toyota and VW to name a few. Additionally, the hydrogen created is stored in tanks which can be used as a generator in the event of a hurricane, huge storm or if one has a demand for more electricity.

Air-conditioning: TIPR’s Founders’ Villas (the first of which are now complete) do not run on expensive, high-energy central air-conditioning. They use lower electric consumption since the air conditioning units cool just the areas one would need at any moment in time. Not only do the units have the ability to be turned off and on; which saves large amounts of energy, they are also specifically energy-efficient units; more so than similar comparisons.

POLLUTION REDUCTION: During the development of the project, TIPR required from the contractors the implementation of pollution control measures to prevent or minimize impacts on the environment. As part of the mitigation measures, silk fences, hay bales, and truck cleaning areas have been installed to minimize soil erosion and final disposal of solids into the water bodies.

CONSERVATION OF MANGROVES: Trump International Golf Club and Residences, Puerto Rico has established a total of 90.1 acres of Mangrove and Wetland Areas as a conservation easement. To secure the protection of these acres of land, Coco Beach has prepared a title deed that includes the 91 acres dedicated as a Perpetuity Natural Reserve.

WATER TREATMENT: The Coco Beach Utility Corp. (previous name of the property) owns and operates a water treatment and recycling plant, with a capacity of over one (1.0) million gallons per day. This plant produces the fertilized water that is used to irrigate the golf course. With the water storage facility of over 16 million gallons, Coco Beach Utility Corp is capable of self maintaining the golf course for over 2 months in case of a dry season. By eliminating the need for potable water, Coco Beach Utility Corp is reducing the consumption of valued portable water supplies.

LANDSCAPING: The master plan of TIPR started with the implementation of 4,000 new trees, and continued with an additional implementation of 2,000 trees and palms and 900 transplanted trees.
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Will Lady Gaga Go Green With Environment Man?

By Holly Wood

Rumor has it that Eman, left, and Lady Gaga, right, have been cutting some monster tracks at Electric Ladyland Studios. Trying to maintain secrecy, Eman and Lady Gaga have been keeping a low profile in order to concentrate on the songs and videos. Clearly this collaboration will be the hottest thing to come out of Gagaland ever (if the rumors are real). Eman is attempting to enlist Lady G to join the fight against global warming. Our spies tell us that the duo are rerecording Eman's monster video "Global Warming/Climate Change." With Gaga's presentation and Eman's imagination, it will have to be something to behold.

Just as Lady Gaga was going to do some opening shows for Michael Jackson at London's O Arena, so too, we are hearing that Eman will do some opening sets for Gaga. Just one or two songs. Eman likes to get in and get out. It is rumored that Eman will rework "Susie Senstive" to "Lady Gaga" as an opening set song. And before you ask, there is no romance swirling between these two. I have special access to Eman and he has told me that he is committed to his chastity and I know he is not interested in marrying. Although our spies can neither confirm nor deny that TMZ paparazzi have photos of him consorting with Serena, Sandra and Elin around Tinseltown. Regardless, I can't wait to hear the track(s), see the video(s) and see the live gigs. This team will surely 'blow the roof off the sucker.'
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Friday, July 09, 2010

Go Green Sex

By Susie Centsativ

Go Green Sex: 12 Techniques, Toys and Accessories That are Bad for the Environment

Sure you recycle, but there are several sex-related issues that may be bad for the planet. If you engage in sex regularly and are concerned for the environment, stop practicing these outdated items that are causing harm to Mother Nature.

1. Using standard lubes.
Nearly every one has lube in their goodie drawer. Standard lubes contain everything from silicones to surfactant molecules and parabens. With the boom of organic products on the market, it was only a matter of time before lube fell into the mix and rightfully so, since it can end up inside of you. Sensua Organics created a line of organic lube that’s available in a non-flavor variety, as well as an array of flavors.
2. Having sex with the lights on (all of the time).
Here’s a simple way to save the planet – do the deed with the lights out. If you have a hankering for seeing your lover while in play, feel free to have an afternoon session when the room is lit up through natural light.
3. Vibrators that use batteries.
There’s another way to power up a vibrator and it uses the sun. Prior to this you had to rely on batteries to get yourself going, only to run through them and have the batteries end up in a landfill somewhere. Just when you thought you’d seen everything, along comes a clever little bullet vibrator that is powered by the sun. Set the Solar Bullet vibrator out in a discreet place for a few hours and you’ll be ready for an hour of pleasure. The Solar Bullet is also packaged to meet the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.
4. PVC-based sex toys.
Many sex toys are made of PVC (polyvinyl chlorides) and often contain phthalates. The former is hard on the environment, while the latter is hard on humans and has been banned from many toy manufacturers. However, the adult toy industry doesn’t have regulations imposed on it, so some companies are taking matters into their own hands. Big Teaze Toys has taken this into account since the beginning. Their toys are all phthalates free since the designer worked at Mattel for several years (oh the irony!).
5. Vinyl or jelly toys.
These also usually contain phthalates and are available in abundance at sex toy shops. While the hot pink jelly dildo may be enticing, consider going with glass. Smooth glass dildos are eco-friendly and often made by independent companies in the U.S., so you’re supporting the planet and sex toys made on home soil. Check out the wide array of glass dildos at Earth Erotics.
6. Using petroleum-based massage gels.
If you love to caress your lover, there are many eco-friendly products on the market. Look for natural oils and soy products to get things moving along. These items are all-natural and do not rely on fossil fuels to be made. There are also candles that convert to soy massage oil after lit. Most of these items can be found at a local health food store or in the eco section of a standard sex shop.
7. Using condoms that test on animals.
Trojan, one of the leading condom makers, tests on animals. Swap your condoms for the Glyde America variety. These fair-trade condoms are made in Malaysia where workers are paid fair wages and are never tested on animals.
8. Frou frou lingerie.
Sure, you want to break out the corset and garter belts every month, but for the most part, women are in their around-the-house clothes before doing the deed. Make your sex experience eco-friendly by donning organic nighties on a regular basis. Most are just as stylist as slips, camisoles and panties found in the lounge area of lingerie or department stores. Retailers like Figleaves and Nordstrom both stock a plentiful supply of organic underthings for men and women.
9. Using the Pill.
Many women reach for the Pill, but it isn’t the most environmental choice. The IUD is just as effective at preventing pregnancy and doesn’t harm our waters with synthetic estrogen, which has been known to find is way to water and change the gender of fish. Latex or lambskin condoms should always be used to practice safe sex and should be disposed of properly, which means throwing them in the garbage, not flushing them down the toilet.
10. Using non-organic sheets.
Go for a roll in the hay with organic sheets. Non-organic sheets usually contain dyes and pesticides that are harmful to the Earth. Look for organic bamboo sheets, which will wick away the sweat as you get your groove on. These sheets are as soft and luxurious as high thread count sheets. Bamboo is also naturally anti-bacterial. There’s also organic cotton and hemp silk for eco-friendly options that will make your bedroom ready for play.
11. Porn…yes, we said it.
Porn isn’t bad for the environment, but it does suck up energy whether it’s on your DVD player or the Internet. Instead of plugging up every time you and your partner want a sexy image, kill the lights, light plenty of candles and talk about your fantasies. This is an eco-friendly way to get your juices flowing while conserving energy.
12. Don’t be a cheapskate.
Be ready to spend when it comes to eco-friendly sex. There’s no way to have organic lube and PVC-free sex toys without spending a solid dime. Like with the sticker shock we encounter at Whole Foods, you may find the eco-friendly sex accessories to be well above the price you’re used to paying for such things. Ultimately, it’s your health and the state of the planet that’s paying, so pony up and get your priorities straight.
Going green when it comes to sex is easy to implement and will be beneficial for your sex life and the planet.

(Source: Masters In Public Administration)
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Monday, July 05, 2010

Eman Finds Evidence of Prawn Return in South Africa

By Environment Man

When I traveled to South Africa in April, I had a secret meeting with Wikus van de Merwe in his converted prawn state. He was lucid, but depressed. We met in District 10. He informed me that the 2.5 million prawns were preparing for the return of their brethren. He was also optimistic that Christopher would keep his promise to convert him back to his human form. Christopher told Wikus the process would take three years. I brought Wikus some cat food and that seemed to please him.

We got down to business about the return of the prawns from their home planet. The malfunction that stranded almost two million of them here surely would not happen again. And the mistreatment of the prawns could lead to some animosity on the part of the returning group. Their technology is clearly superior to ours. The xenophobia, social segregation and experimentation meted upon the prawns are inexcuseable. And though South African officials and other world leaders are very nervous about the return, it has not led to more acceptance for the prawns left behind.

I met with representatives of Multinational United (MNU), the private military company hired by the South African government to manage the prawns. MNU still manages District 10 and there is some controversy about rumors that Halliburton is the power behind MNU. I must admit to some interest concerning the marketing of the prawn weaponry. I oppose the genetics experiments related to trying to get the weapons to work for humans though. MNU's illegal experiments on the aliens were exposed before Christopher left in the mothership and the experiment administrators were prosecuted.
I probably should not admit that I met with the Nigerian gang warlord who replaced Obesandjo, who was killed by Wikus with the alien mechanized battle suit, but I am interested in possibly marketing the alien mechanized battle suit.

Anyway, Wikus told me that the prawns have communications gear and that a group of ships will be returning with millions of prawns. He would not tell me whether the return would be friendly or hostile. He said he did not know because he was not completely trusted. My guess is that, at a minimum, they will get their brethren prawns. The question is: will they attack South Africa or the citizens of the Earth?
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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Harris Faulkner: FOX News' Secret Weapon

By Anton Jackson

Harris Faulkner, left, has taken a circuitous route to FOX News. Now FOX likes for their women to be gorgeous and Faulkner sure does meet that requirement. Although not in primetime during weekdays, Faulkner is super sharp and could sit in for anyone of the primetime players at the number one rated cable news network. She could anchor any of those other cable news shows that FOX beats in aggregate.

And I have to admit to having a little crush on Harris. Sorry. She likes sunflowers and so do I.

Okay. She's black. Some, maybe many, blacks think FOX News is anti Black. Anti Obama. Yet Faulkner, by her very accomplished presence, would seem to blunt that charge.

Harris Faulkner Official Site

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Led Zeppelin Funk Rock

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