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Friday, May 07, 2010

Christina Aguilera Out Gagas Lady Gaga

By Environment Man

I have officially placed Christina at the top of the rock goddess pile. She is more talented and works harder than any of the other female rock/pop divas. Her "Not Myself Tonight" (Official Clean Version) out Gagas Lady Gaga. She did the same thing to Britney Spears. No contest in the singing department but she outdanced and outmarried and outkissed with Madonna Britney. Janet? Sorry. Singing, dancing and talk about nasty. Janet's never been nearly as nasty as Christina. There are even some Gwen Stefani chops in that video. Watch out Gwen. Christina has your number too.

Watch out Lady Gaga. Christina outdoes you on her video (even with the help of Beyonce on "Telephone.") Christina is more concise and more precise. She takes gaga to another level. From the brilliant coloring to the 'in your face' costuming to the singer and the song, she trumps you. What next? Piano? I was pining for a duet with Lady Gaga, but now I want to jam with Christina.
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