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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Todd Bridges Deserves A Big Budget Movie

By Holly Wood

Todd Bridges, right, was on a morning talk show awhile back after another young child star died from a drug overdose. He represented himself very well. Rejecting victim status and showing his strength, he made a very compelling statement: "Robert Downey, Jr. was given a second and third chance. Why shouldn't Hollywood give him another chance?" Bridges was reluctant to assign race to the dichotomy because he is aware that such statements will not serve him well in getting roles.

Yet one can see the strength in Bridges. One can see that he deserves to be allowed to practice his craft at the highest level. Todd was awesome on "Different Strokes." And he was a kid. I hope he is given even a fraction of the vast opportunites opened up to Robert Downey, Jr. We're with you Todd. We know that all you need is a break. Heck they even let John Travolta back in. We would also be willing to bet the farm that you can act rings around Will Smith. Shame on you shameless Hollywood for not utilizing this great talent. Todd has overcome great odds and appears to have come through it to be a very responsible husband, father and all around family man. Give Todd a chance to show what he can do.
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