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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sarah Palin Should Cap-And-Trade Carbon Dioxide

By Korben Dallas

Pick up the green phone and give me a call Sarah. I can't let you get away with changing your position on Cap-and-Trade as a legitimate methodology for fighting climate change. You formed a special committee to address global warming when you were governor of Alaska. You agreed with John (Senate Climate Guru) McCain when you were his running mate that Cap-and-Trade was the way to go. Now you are backpedaling. Why? We need to disucss this issue. Give me a call.

My head spins around at how fast you politicians change your positions. President Obama opposed Cap-and-Trade when he was in the U.S. Senate, but now he is a champion of the technique. When Senator Inhofe was Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, he championed Cap-and-Trade as 'the' solution to atmospheric pollution in the United States. Same with Joe Barton when he was chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. What happened guys? Now you have Sarah Palin drinking from the anti-Cap-and-Trade Kool-Aid pitcher. Come back Sarah. Kool-Aid in a tea bag is still Kool-Aid.
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