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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Does "This Week" Dog Donna Brazile?

By Alan Smithee

If ABC will not make Donna Brazile, left, the permanent host, at least they should have her on more. Like every week. Every Sunday when they show the line up and Donna isn't there, my heart sinks. Donna adds that spice to the show and she is as knowledgable as anybody in the United States on a broad list of issues. There is no better political mind anywhere. So why isn't she used more? She is also a good balance to George Will.

ABC should be careful because a network with vision [CNN, MSNBC, FOX News] might just scoop Donna up. I wish someone would give her a chance to show her chops. Donna holds back anyway now. Probably from past rebukes for speaking her mind. But let her loose. If Rachel Maddow can pontificate with so so ratings, put Donna in her own show too. Anderson Cooper isn't killing the ratings either. In fact, FOX News gets higher ratings than all of those other cable news shows combined. Maybe I will put in a call to Rupert.
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