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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bizarro Washington, D.C.: Up Is Down & Down Is Up


By Environment Man

Democrats are supporting nuclear power and Republicans are opposing the same Cap & Trade they aggressively supported under President Bush's Clear Skies Iniative. Former EPA Administrator Carol Browner was on the White House lawn today touting the great benefits of nuclear power. There is a black president and a black head of the Republican National Committee. The global warming issue went from being the hottest ticket in town to being snowed under in a blizzard of 'Climategate' and legislative retreat.

Wall Street is on government welfare and Fannie Mae is under water. America is adopting a 'Chinese model' of government-directed capitalism. Corporate executives are getting bonuses for driving their companies into bankruptcy. The 'Hockey Stick' went from scoring to boring. Green jobs went from being associated with capitalism to being associated with communism thanks to Glenn Beck. California went from being the leader in American innovation to desperately needing to be saved from bankruptcy by the Federal government.

The world is now squared instead of round. Gravity repells instead of attracts. The Senate might actually pass legislation with a 51 majority vote. EPA Administrator Lisa Perez Jackson and AAEA President Norris McDonald were born on the same day (Feb 8th). Harry Reid replaced James Brown's 60's anthem of "Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud," with "Light Skinned Black, Without Negro Dialect." Who knows what the rest of 2010 holds.
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