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Friday, December 18, 2009

Will.i.Am on Energy, Environment & Global Warming

By Holly Wood

Will.i.Am talked about his actions in relation to energy, environment and climate change at the Green Inaugural Ball during President Obama's inaugural events last winter. His take:

"The technology is there. [He said that after he puts solar panels on his house later this year] "I'll be completely off the grid. There's a lot we can do."
Did Will put up those solar panels? Send us pictures Will and we will post them. Ummm. But I am told that you will probably keep that grid hookup on your house for the cloudy days and nighttime electricity use.

Will said he owns a Tesla all electric sports car, which costs about $100,000. His comment:

"Crazy torque."
He also owns a Bentley. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $329,990. And it gets only 9 miles a gallon in the city, and 15 miles a gallon on the highway. So we guess Will is splitting the difference. That's okay with me. Sure would like a ride in both of Will's cars. And I bet he has other cars and more than one house too. Ah America. You CAN have it all. (Wash Post, 1/27/09)
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