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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gort v. GORT

The 1951 Gort beats the 2008 Gort hands down, notwithstanding the 2008 version being given a defined acronym: (GORT) Genetically Organized Robotic Technology. Gort-51 has a cooler laser beam and cooler head. Although GORT-08 has a more muscular body, the computer generated image (CGI) is observable. Whereas, the 'guy-in-a-metallic-suit' Gort-51 works better, just as The Thing in "The Fantastic Four" works better than the Hulk in "The Hulk," because the Hulk is computer generated and you can tell.

Gort-51 resurrects Klaatu with the help of the spaceship, above right. GORT-08 seems to stablilize Klaatu after he is shot, but a doctor has to remove the bullet. If the magic words of "Klaatu Barada Nikto" had not been recited as instructed by Klaatu, Gort-51 was going to turn the Earth into a 'burned out cinder.' GORT-08 morphs into trillions of energy absorbing, matter eating nanites, left, that begin to devour everything in site. Odd though, seeing that in the 2008 version, Klaatu came to save the Earth 'from the humans,' yet the nanites were destroying everything in site. The nanites are killed when Klaatu evidently utilizes energy from all the Earth's machinery in order to stop them. Just as in the 1951 version, everything comes to a standstill.
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