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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blackface In Copenhagen: A Bad Idea For Climate Mitigation

By Environment Man

I was surfing the YouTube wave for performance videos from Copenhagen and came upon this video about using black balloons to signify CO2 in the atmosphere. Not far into the video (30 seconds), the Friends of the Earth Balloon action members started putting on the blackface. Of course this caught my attention. Maybe someone should have told them that blackface never works. Although the kids are young, they should be aware of the vile history of blackface. The balloons were message enough.

Here is how they described there action in the description on YouTube:

This Balloon Action took place on Saturday November 21st 2009. In order to make a visual statement on the injustice of CO2 emissions between countries. December 12th 2009.
Get a clue people. Get some black people on your staffs. They would have advised you against going blackface. It completely distracts from the message you were trying to send.

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